The appointment of opinion directors hides the game for the new president of the republic

The appointment of opinion directors hides the game for the new president of the republic

The tears over Rai resume tensions in the majority and shed even more uncertain light on Quirinale’s great match. The sensational protest from 5 star leaders who announced their intention to quit public TV is overwhelming. leader Giuseppe Conte, which will from now on hand the movement’s communication only to the M5S’s social channels and competing networks.

A teardown by the former prime minister against state TV, according to him, ‘forgets’ the strength of the relative majority to manage the senseli manual of appointments in newspaper head offices. But the problems don’t stop there for Conte. former prime minister is back In the crosshairs of your inner opponents, The leaders of the M5S, as argued by several pentastelated lawmakers, attempt to properly implement this diversionary strategy. Movimento’s debacle Rai match

internal adversary

Foreign Minister also in headlines luigi di maio, who stayed out of contention over RAI appointments. Di Maio had previously met with President Fuortes, in contrast count that was never received, a. another example of increasingly marked dualism in the party,

Challenge for Quirinale

But it is clear that Rai concerns the former president of the sports council above all because in the background you can see a quirinale, with 5 stars which – as we remember – is the largest group in Parliament.

With the League satisfied with the confirmation of the two directions, as well as the Democratic Party and the Italian brothers, the new scenario and balance has been designed in the wake of the vote at the end of January, starting with the trend. About the power relations between Major Draghi and the leaders of the parties supporting his government.

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So the real game is not in Viale Mazzini, even if it is considered a strategic company. that’s the real knot The balance in view of the vote at the end of January Which could make the M5s different or worse. That’s why Grillo is also silent. And let the two players on the pitch, Conte and Di Maio, play their game.


There are many variables, few certainties. Definitely Palazzo Chigio showed that he was not particularly under pressure from the former prime minister, who tried to replace Monica Maggioni as Tg1’s guide until the end. But above all, Conte wanted a substantial transfer for his man, Giuseppe Carboni, who is currently without a job.


“CEO Fuortes had the power to pick and choose to avoid institutional confrontation. Based on merits, he had various possibilities and instead chose the old logic of requests from political parties, albeit to exclude the party with a relative majority. which represented 11 million voters”. Thus the M5s leader said in a statement to the press: “As M5s we ask ourselves what role has the government played in all this”. Said, “It is said subdivision“A chorus of controversial voices rises up from within the movement, with someone explaining how 5 Stars was born to take away the subdivision of state television and now decide to drop Rai broadcasting as they are not part of it.

“The logic of the subdivision, which has guided the public service for some time” as Pentastellati “we have not liked and we have never liked. We have also found ourselves prisoners of the system that we have at times condemned but we do not have sufficient numbers to amend it as we have already proposed. Ours is a bill, however, on the commission in the Senate to interfere with the rule of opinion and ultimately free it from the influence of politics. is sustained.

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other parties

instead of satisfied Matteo Renzik Who has always maintained excellent relations with both Monica Maggioni (who also appears in Open Investigation) and Orfeo (now in charge of the investigation).

he smiles too Matteo Salvini Which confirms two directors in the league share, Giuliano Sangennaro on Tg2 and Alessandro Casarin on Tgr. as well brother of italy He does not complain after receiving Ranuse’s instruction with Paolo Petraca.

PD Tg3 confirms (with Simona Sala), Tg1 (with Monica Maggioni) and deeper analysis (with Orfeo) even though in Palazzo Chigi’s view these are appointments shared with Pentastellati. An interpretation which, however, is not shared by Conte.

Government employees should tell that all the parties including M5S have been heard.


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