The Australian government is also furious at the story of Djokovic’s medical exemption

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News that Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic will be able to participate in the next Australian Open tournament has sparked widespread discussion about alleged favoritism towards him because of a medical exemption from the coronavirus vaccine. Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said on Wednesday that Djokovic would have to comply with the rules of entry into the country like everyone else, adding that he would not have enough evidence to support a medical exemption if he did not. He will board the “first direct flight home”. ,

The matter surrounding the exemption of Djokovic, who is known for his skeptical positions on vaccines, has been heavily commented on in newspapers and by politicians in several countries, including Italy, in particularly negative.

Djokovic is ranked first in the men’s world rankings and has won the Australian Open nine times, the next edition of which will be held in Melbourne from January 17-30. However, his involvement remained in doubt until the last minute due to regulations in the state of Victoria, where Melbourne is located, which require anyone entering to be vaccinated against the coronavirus.

Tournament organizers have Tuesday confirmation of Explaining Djokovic’s participation in the tournament he was exempted for reasonable medical reasons, a possibility foreshadowed by the tournament’s rules.

After much controversy, on Wednesday afternoon Morrison said those who wish to enter Australia must respect the applicable rules: Djokovic, therefore, “should be treated like everyone else”.

The prime minister then stated that “if they have not been vaccinated they must provide admissible evidence that they cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons”, and that if proof of exemption is insufficient “they will not be treated any differently than anyone else”. and will end up at the first direct flight home”. Morrison concluded, “There should be no special rules for Novak Djokovic, absolutely not.”

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Melbourne newspaper age She wrote Furthermore, upon arrival at the city’s airport around midnight on Wednesday, Djokovic was questioned at length by border police for problems related to his visa, and it is not yet clear whether he will be able to enter the country.

Australian Open rules require all players and coaches participating in the tournament to provide exemptions to justify being unable to complete their coronavirus vaccination courses or being vaccinated for medical reasons. Australian Open director Craig Tilly said in recent days that some of the 26 non-vaccinated players asked to play in the tournament were exempted for medical reasons, with the opinion of two separate medical boards.

It is not immediately known what medical reason Djokovic was exempted: he never wanted to reveal whether he had been vaccinated or not, but it is believed that he has not.

The problem is that, according to some, the rules are not the same for everyone. Scottish tennis player Jamie Murray – Andy’s elder brother, who is also a successful tennis player – They said That he would not have been exempted had he not been vaccinated, while Australian Alex de Minaur confined himself to a “I think it is very interesting. That’s all I have to say.’ However, it is not covered. That Djokovic recently tested positive for the virus, which would allow him to postpone vaccination.

The decision has also caused controversy among many Australians, who have already in the past he had accused His government allowed the rich and famous to move to Australia at will, while most of them were forced into severe sanctions.

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According to statistics From the government side, more than 90 per cent of the Australian population over 16 have currently completed a course of vaccination against the coronavirus: due to tighter restrictions and a recent increase in infections, many people in Australia are still ahead of one unable to grow. Going to another state to visit family members or traveling abroad.

A Victorian Minister of State, Jala Pulford, who is concerned with, among other things, employment and innovation, They said That the decision to grant Djokovic a medical exemption was “disappointing and distressing”, but denied that there was any specific treatment against him. She and Tilly both asked Djokovic to explain the reasons for the medical exemption.

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