The beret is back and we’re ready, here are the best models to choose from (and how to wear them)

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how to carry

And this is where beauty comes in, because the beret can be worn as you see fit, giving each time its own interpretation. For example, when worn with a bulge at the front, you get the same effect as a flat hat, perfect for giving yourself a casual air, but still elegant and with a certain maturity. The bulge, on the other hand, went over the edge, ushering us into a decidedly more intellectual and fashionable environment in no time, adding a strongly characteristic touch to the look. Taken back, in the end, it goes straight to ’90s teens. And even before the world of great stars and stripes sports champions in hip hop key by LL Cool J, the infamous Big & Co, as told by MTV.

classic beret

Classic, which couldn’t be more classic, and for this reason with a timeless charm. The beret with the pipiolino on top of it immediately takes us back in time – or very Avantissimo, a little bit you do: it makes us feel a little artist, a little rebel, a little thinker of the past, a little neo-citizen in some French cities. In short, it makes us feel special and for that reason it deserves to be a part of our daily uniform.

Melegiri, beret in virgin wool

Balk, fleece beret with inner patterned lining

Lipodo, Beret in Synthetic Leather

Barscon, Beret in Cashmere Blend Wool

Black is the new black

A pinch of development in form, in content, in hybridization, but with all the classicism that always black and in any case continue to guarantee. Among the berets that we could find, there are also these (absolutely pleasant) variations on the theme: with black and brown shades in wool, with a full logo, with studs, in reference to flat hats in leather. All great options.

Emporio Armani, beret in calf

Charles Jeffrey Loverboy, Beret in the Mix with Stud

Kangol and the return of hip hop culture

Then there’s the sudden, nostalgic, surprisingly bold leap of a few decades we see in the fashion world, taking us straight back to the 80s and 90s. A journey in costume that also goes through the offerings of the English kangaroo brand Kangol, which was founded in the late 30s by Polish Jacques Spreergen and became for the world of American hip hop, starting in the 80s and later In the period, a real identity and cultural issue. The moral: today they are hyper current back to the historic 504 model, materials, colors and patterns like the beret and hat in all their forms. The Kangol brand is all set to make its mark once again.

Kangol, Fox Fur Beret in Synthetic Fur

Kangol in wool with leather belt, Monty Beret

Kangol 504 Tropic Ventair

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