The British Labor Party argues about political direction after losing the election presents the news: The British Labor Party is fighting for political direction after losing the election

LONDON (AFP) – The British Labor Party is in danger of a political rift after poor results in local and regional elections. Party leader Keir Starr sacked his deputy Angela Rainer on Saturday evening as a result of the election result. Supporters of former party leader Jeremy Corbyn openly criticized the starrer.

In an interview with the BBC, Corbyn’s aide John McDonnell accused the party leader of not making attractive policies for the election. He said, ‘You cannot send candidates to the field without being so naked without any political agenda’. MP Diane Abbott told Sky News: “I think shooting Angela Rainer was not foreseeable.”

Ian Stewart in Starr’s shadow cabinet in charge of Scotland told Sky News that the party leader “needed time” to change things. According to media reports, Starr is planning to reshuffle his shadow cabinet in addition to Rainer’s dismissal.

When he was elected president of the party a year ago, Starr promised to rebuild Labor and reintegrate with traditional voters. With the latest election results, he “failed spectacularly”, the newspaper “The Times” said.

Britain’s main opposition party suffered a heavy defeat in the election held on Thursday. The Conservative Tories performed heavily, defeating the leftist Labor Party in many of their strongholds, including Hartlepool constituency in north-east England.

Labor remained the strongest force in the regional parliament of Wales and won several important mayoral elections, including Liverpool and London. Starr was nonetheless “strictly disappointed” by the election results.

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The British Labor Party argues about political direction after losing the election

Kir starrer | © AFP Tolga Akmen



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