The Failure of Cop 26 (and Greta’s)

The Failure of Cop 26 (and Greta's)

Yes, this time the youth is right, at least partially. “This is no longer a convention on climate, it is a green festival for rich countries”, condemned the ardent Greta Thunberg, using an apt term, which is to wash your conscience with green. How to blame him On the other hand, COP26 in Glasgow had a great blah blah, but some solid facts. It is useless to deny that something is going on, but it is little visible in comparison to the emergency that the planet is facing. There has not been a global agreement for one of the most important purposes (“transporting coal to history”). At the Scottish Climate Summit, about 40 countries made this historic commitment, but alas, the main users of fossil fuels, namely China and the United States (but not India, Russia and Australia), excluded themselves. There is no concrete confirmation, if not in a small part, of the enthusiastic tone of the British Minister of Affairs and Energy, Quasi Quarteng, (“The end of coal is in sight”). The goal of 1.5 degree global warming is not really achievable if the major polluting countries do not sign the agreement. Also zero emissions by 2050.

Well, small steps, as was the case with deforestation. The world cannot be expected to change overnight, but at least the commitment to do so within a reasonable amount of time will already be something. But the Scottish summit also failed, there was no point in hiding. And, yesterday, a day dedicated to young people, they were the ones who shouted their discontent. In Glasgow they took to the streets, as they do every Friday in every part of the world, a day dedicated to the general climate strike Friday for the future. Enforced “climate justice” and accusations against world governments, however, do not solve the problem. And, performing every week, if it brings attention to the issue on the one hand, it does not produce a tangible effect on the other. On the other hand, many countries have taken a step, the awareness of the emergency is solid, but in a short time it is unthinkable to zero economies with relative repercussions on employment and GDP. The ecological transition is in its infancy and a cultural change is also needed. In Glasgow, Minister Roberto Singolani proposed to start with the school. not a bad idea. A pilot program to educate and update teachers because, he said, “there is not enough preparation to address issues related to ecological transition and climate change”. Another small step.

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