The gaffe: Disabled minister excluded, Biden sleeping

The gaffe: Disabled minister excluded, Biden sleeping

Not just the fight against climate change. Running in Glasgow, Scotland, Cop26 will also be remembered for something wrong and unscheduled, inevitable on occasions in which microphones and cameras are always on, the world’s eyes are always focused and the risk of error is always around the corner. . The final part of the series is the slip of one of the historic CNN conductors, Wolf Blitzer, who announced in a tweet that he was working in Edinburgh, changing the Scottish capital for the climate conference seat, which would instead be Scotland’s largest city is Glasgow, about an hour’s drive from the financial capital Edinburgh. Similar gaffes to the White House correspondent for Reuters, who tweeted upon Biden’s arrival in Edinburgh: “Arrived in Glasgow.” Some users replied by publishing a map of the area, someone – for example a fake account of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson – offered the interested party a chair as the future foreign minister of the BoJo government. But in both cases there were journalists, whom it is always better not to take too seriously.

The series was opened by US President Joe Biden, who is dressed as Doze and is woken by a staff member during one of the many speeches at the summit. Accounts of Republican Party rivals have spoken of the “shameful” images, and if it is true that the scene sparked the easy irony of the Net and the flood of messages on social networks, it is also doubtless that it is entirely Represents the image of a leader on the eve of 80 years, certainly tried by a trip to the other side of the sea, before the G20 in Rome, full of commitments and appointments.

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Much more serious, however – and not surprisingly ended with Prime Minister Johnson’s official apology – the story of Israel’s energy minister, being forced into a wheelchair due to muscular dystrophy. She was unable to reach Cop26’s opening day on Monday due to a wheel chair. Organizers then offered her to use a shuttle, only to find that that too was not suitable for transporting people with disabilities. “It was a reprehensible conduct,” condemned the protagonist, Karine Elhrer. It is “sad”, he added on Twitter, that the UN “does not provide access to its events”. The happy ending came only yesterday, with Prime Minister Johnson apologizing to the head of Israel’s government, Naftali Bennett, according to the Jerusalem Post. It is with Prime Minister Bennett that Minister Elharrar finally managed to enter COP26, with the UK’s ambassador to Israel, Neil Wigan, also tweeting that he had apologized “deeply and sincerely” to the minister. “We want a COP26 summit that is welcoming and inclusive for all,” the diplomat wrote. But many condemn the unequal treatment. One Glasgow taxi driver, James Sinclair, explains that he has great difficulty bringing disabled customers to the Scottish Events Campus: “I have to leave them too far, they have to go too far: it’s embarrassing,” he says. This is due to the security measures adopted to protect the conference venue, allowing anyone forced to walk long distances, taxis without a preferential lane, to leave the least handicapped in front of the entrance. Is.


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