The mayor of Rochester has demanded a federal inquiry into the death of Daniel Prud

The mayor of Rochester, New York, has demanded a federal investigation into the death of Daniel Prude, a black man who was suffocated by police officers on the street about six months ago.

Mayor Lovely Werner on Monday disclosed his request for a federal investigation, saying he has relieved Rochester Police Chief La’Ron Singlatory of his duties since Sept. 21. News8.

SingleTree, along with several other members of the police department, announced his retirement last week. His last day was September 29th.

Wren Ren did not say who would oversee the department after Singlatari’s departure but said he was looking for an interim head to hold the post until June 2021.

The mayor also revealed that the city’s communications director, Justin Rose, and his City Corporation adviser, Tim Curtin, have been suspended without pay for 30 days.

Rochester faced nearly two weeks of nighttime protests after a video of the fatal encounter with police by 41-year-old Prude on March 23 was released on September 2.

Prude’s family filed a civil lawsuit against the city, alleging that its leaders and the police department covered up the details of his death.

Prudence (pictured) was suffocated by police officers in the street in March

Rochester Mayor Lovely Werner (left) on Monday called for a federal investigation into the death of Daniel Prude (right), who was suffocated by police officers on the street in March.

Warren orders police chief La'ron Singlatory (pictured) to step down effective September 21

Warren orders police chief La’ron Singlatory (pictured) to step down effective September 21

“I have instructed the deputy mayor to initiate an internal management review of the city’s mental health arrest and subsequent Daniel Prude’s death,” Warren told reporters at a news conference.

“To be honest, the public should know about Mr Pruden’s death and the circumstances that led to his death in March, and I should have a formal formal review after watching the video.”

The mayor added: ‘This initial look shows that we have a broader problem in the Rochester Police Department, which looks at everything through the eyes of a badge, not the citizens we serve.

‘I apologize to the Prude family and this community for failing along the way, including myself as mayor. Never again will we be able to allow any man or woman to die unnecessarily in police custody. ‘

Warren then revealed that he was a U.S. citizen. The attorney’s office has asked Fees to investigate “possible violations of Mr Prude’s civil rights.”

“This tragic loss of life has shown that we have a systemic failure.”

‘We have to accept these failures and put in these forms that create transparency. We will re-group in a few days when the documents you received today will answer any questions you may have. ‘

Prudence was naked and handcuffed when a

Prudence was naked and handcuffed when a “spit hood” was placed over his head during his March 23 arrest – after his brother called 911 for his irregular behavior.

Paramedics arrived when Prude wrestled to the floor, still wearing a 'spit hood'.

Paramedics arrived when Prude wrestled to the floor, still wearing a ‘spit hood’.

The New York State Attorney General’s Office began its own investigation into Prude’s death after his family released body camera footage of the incident earlier this month.

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Officers responded to a 911 call made by her brother, seeking help on March 23 for Prude’s erratic behavior.

Prud, who had mental health problems, was naked at the time of his arrest, and was hit with a hawk and placed on the head, as officers controlled him for two minutes before he fell unconscious.

He was stripped of life support on March 30, a week after his arrest.

An autopsy report from the Monroe County Medical Examiner’s Office Fees ruled that Prud’s death was part of a “cowboy massacre” in part due to “instability difficulties in the adjustment of physical restraint.”

Ops Topsy also showed that Prude had a low amount of PCP in his system at the time of his death, which may explain his erratic behavior.

Seven Rochester police officers have been suspended with pay in connection with the case: Mark Vaughan, Troy Talade, Paul Ricotta, Francisco Santiago, Andrew Specksgore, Josiah Harris and Michael Magri.

In a statement shortly after W. Run’s press conference on Monday, the director of city communications, Rose, responded by suspending him.

“I accept the discipline issued by Mayor Warren today,” he said. At no time before August Gust before, I was unaware of what had happened to Mr. Prude, and when I saw the video I immediately expressed an opinion in City Hall that the officers involved should no longer be on our streets.

‘I personally believe that Mr. Prude would be alive today if the responding officers recognized his humanity and behaved with compassion and restraint.’

Rose said she did not disclose the existence of the video in public after she saw the video, as she was informed that an investigation was underway and did not want to interrupt.

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He said, ‘Suddenly, I agree that I should make further inquiries to the chief and / or take the opportunity to discuss his email with the mayor,’ he said.

Prude's family held a vigil in his honor in Rochester on September 10 (pictured)

Prude’s family held a vigil in his honor in Rochester on September 10 (pictured)


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