The new earthquake at the Royal Family, Buckingham Palace: They did it again!

The new earthquake at the Royal Family, Buckingham Palace: They did it again!

The new earthquake at the Royal Family, Buckingham Palace: They did it again and the criticism arrived in time.

The Royal Family A Euro 2020 (Photo: Getty)

it’s the big night of England. a wembley The National Team of the Three Lions is played to enter the finals. of european against Denmark. An inevitable event also for the Windsors who ‘will have their representation’‘Royal Box’ of London Stadium. Principe William The team has completely entered the spirit of the competition, celebrating with great enthusiasm the previous victories achieved by the team of Gareth Southgate. Notably he was immortalized by cameras along with the rest of his family, while the arms were celebrated up to the sky. 2-0 on Germany till the second round.

even for its part prince charles He wanted to contribute to the national transport for the football event. Invited by the Prince of Wales band of coldstream guards playing an instrumental version of a classic song “Football is coming home” In his ‘Clarence House’. The tune has been the national anthem for years and has been sung aloud by British fans at every European Championship match.

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Allegations related to the Royal Family, Euro 2020: They only watch England matches

William E Kate Euro 2020
William A. Kate A. Wembley (Photo: Getty)

However, there is also a streak of controversy about the behavior of a good section of genuine critics. windsor against football. some were disappointed “British royals only participated in England games”. The Scottish newspaper started the controversy’national‘, who said: “No member of the royal family has seen a football match played by a country other than England in this century“.

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According to this research, the last race seen by a member of the royal family is not related to the three lions nineteen ninety eight, “When Prince Edward attended Scotland’s World Cup match against Norway“.

This European had both Scotland that Wales (up to the eighth). However, he did not get any following from Palazzo. The fact of participating in the UK does not attract the same attention Buckingham Palace. In those parts these aspects, along with an indirect political controversy, have their importance and direct public opinion. many fans Twitter They didn’t skimp on criticism and especially hurt themselves against them. William, apparently the most “football lover” in the institutional profile. Perhaps it would be better for the Duke of Cambridge to turn his attention to Wimbledon, avoiding a specific range of criticisms.


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