The Queen in Scotland, with her nephews William and Anna: the sympathetic operation –

The Queen in Scotland, with her nephews William and Anna: the sympathetic operation -

Queen, more dynamic than ever. And if his appearance at the Ascot race a week earlier – the mundane climax of the British season – can be read as a determination to move on, his obsession and as always with his life are still Filippo at the age of 95. Now his arrival in Scotland is a political move.

In short, Elizabeth II not only backs away from her commitments to life on the throne – 70 years in 2022 – but the card the United Kingdom plays in recent years with Scotland in an increasingly complex game that has been wooed by autocrats or separatists. Here goes the impulse (after the referendum of a few years ago).

And as if to reinforce his message, his sympathetic operation, second in line with the Queen was Prince William – whom he and his wife Kate had already sent to scout the Scottish Highlands last winter. And also to his beloved daughter Anna, the Princess Royal: Anna’s daughter Zara married in Edinburgh in 2011.

In short, it will be a Scottish Royal week, Holyrood Week as traditionally called the week in late June that precedes the sovereign’s holiday in Scotland, is particularly full of meaning.

One of Her Majesty’s first visits is to AG Barr’s factory in Cumbernauld, where the very traditional iran-brew drink is packaged.

In the middle of the week, in the middle of Scottish Royal Week, on July 1, William and Harry will unveil a statue dedicated to their mother Diana in the gardens of Kensington Palace. Queen? Everything suggests that she will be busy with her Royal Week in Scotland.

Prince William and Prince Harry will attend a small ceremony to unveil a statue of their mother Diana, Princess of Wales. In the Sunken Gardens at Kensington Palace, on July 1, the royal family of Kensington Palace had made the announcement a few days earlier.

Necessary words, such as function, will be in intent. British historian Hugo Vickers told The Courier that Prince Harry would be there, and I think that as in the past, both brothers would have been impeccable in public on occasion. Linking: Personally? Who knows… but I don’t expect any involvement from the Queen or even the Prince of Wales.

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