The rise of the conservative leader and the UK after Brexit

The rise of the conservative leader and the UK after Brexit

London (Laura Buongiovanni) With Boris Johnson the British political situation has given itself the worst. Celebrations in complete lockdown, assessment errors at the start of the pandemic, political slippages in the second complete lockdown, cases that have exploded and are not very contained. Two out of three conservatives would like Boris to resign.

In the book of journalist Daniele Meloni Experts in foreign policy, and in particular British politics, address these issues and those on other British politics, such as Brexit.

Brexit finally becomes a reality from January 2021, Ending more than four years of unrest and mutual misunderstanding between London and Brussels. Prime Minister Boris Johnson – Lover of Europe But the architect of the country’s exit from the European Union.

The book touches on various situations Policies such as Scottish separatism and the revival of the Northern Irish Question, which could end United Kingdom,

In an interview with London, the Italian national radio in the UK, the author talked about the political situation, not just about a country showing the first signs of economic and social dislocation, here is the full interview:

Prime Minister Boris Johnson Now facing new challenges that are in history for the UK: the fight against COVID and mass vaccination; the new geopolitical location of global uk, All with one goal in mind: to maintain leadership of the Conservative Party and win the 2024 election.

author Danielle Meloni
Born in 1980, he is an expert on foreign policy and British politics in particular. He writes about the United Kingdom for Atl├óntico Cotidiano, L’Occidentale and Start Magazine, where he maintains a column called Global Britain. Professional journalist since 2009, he has worked on, Class CNBC and Mediaset TG5. From 2013 to 2018 he worked in the Cabinet of the President of the Lombardy Region dealing with regional council activities and the President’s institutional public intervention. Prior to this, he worked as a parliamentary assistant in the Senate of the Republic. He lived in Milan, Rome and London during the evenings in Tony Blair’s Cool Britannia.

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