The success of the Rugentino premiere with Teatro Sistina, Serena Auteri and Michele La Ginestra

The success of the Rugentino premiere with Teatro Sistina, Serena Auteri and Michele La Ginestra

A declared success. rugantinoSymbolic display of Roman tradition, returned to yesterday’s stage Sistina Theater, An inevitable event for many Romans who wanted to reunite with “their” Rugantino, played by Serena Auteri, Michelle La JinstraEddie Angelillo and Massimo Wertmüller, directed by Pietro Garinne.

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One of Rugantino’s paintings.

As a demonstration of how much the show is rooted in Roman culture, yesterday’s premiere had, among others, stalls seating entertainment and celebrities from culture, information and politics.

Among the many guests, Prefects of Rome Matteo Piantedosi, Monica Gueritore and Roberto Zaccaria, Nunzia di Girolamo and Francesco Boccia, Luca Manfredi (his father Nino was the first great Rugantino), Roberto Giacobbo, Gigi Marzulo, Rai 1 director Stefano Coletta, Simona Agnes , Rai Administrative Director, Nicola Claudio, Rai Governance and Corporate Secretariat Director, Antonio Parent, General Director for the entertainment of Mibach, General Roberto Riccardi, General Vincenzo Camporini, Beatrice Lorenzin and Alessandro Picardi, Professor Walter Ricciardi, Professor Luigi Chiariello, Honorable Federico Molicone and Bruno Astorre, Deputy Mayor Silvia Scosze, Councilor for Ecological Transition and Digital Transformation Lazio Region Roberta Lombardi and Capitoline Assembly Speaker Svetlana Celi.

On the occasion of the 60-year history of this great classic of Italian musical theatre, Rugantino will remain on the bill until March 27,

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