The YouTube website’s picture-in-picture works again on iOS 14

The YouTube website's picture-in-picture works again on iOS 14

After the YouTube website functionality, once again supports the picture-in-picture mode of iOS 14 Mysteriously disappeared Last month. It can be enabled in both third-party browsers like Safari as well as Chrome or Firefox, by expanding the video to play fullscreen, and then tapping the small picture-in-picture icon at the top-left of the interface. You are then free to lower the browser and use other applications while you continue to watch the video. If you want to listen to music without interrupting the display video, you can also slide the PIP window to the side.

OS-level picture-in-picture support was added as one New feature in iOS 14, But soon stopped working on YouTube’s website for iPhone users. It continues to work for users who subscribe to YouTube Premium, perhaps surprisingly. It also works for iPad users.

While Picture in Picture now works in browsers, it is not only available in the YouTube app, where MCummers Notes Feature never supported. Playing videos in the background Is Possible through the YouTube app, but only if you have YouTube Premium Subscription. 9to5Mac Reports That service recently tested a picture-in-picture mode in its iOS app, but no official announcement has been made.

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