There is no point in stopping the internal combustion engine

There is no point in stopping the internal combustion engine

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Despite international problems slowing down many processes, electrical transitionin most Europe, Has sustained. offer of The European Commission He is moving towards a final decision to stop thermal cars by 2035, even though Italy The path would not be completely in line with the continental one. Giancarlo Giorgetti, Minister Of Development Cheaponce again misses the position of a good part Government ItalianWhich seems to be retreating a little more towards this drastic change.

Giorgetti: “I didn’t want to sign Cop26”

During the last United Nations climate summit held in November Glasgowin ScotlandAn agreement was signed for the power transition, in which several states, European and non-European, have signed. Italy He preferred to express his position and wait before taking the next step, only to partially retrace his steps. Minister in this regard georgetti They said: “I proudly claim that I did not want to sign Cop26, which established the imperative of electric as the destiny for the automotive sector. This would mean handing over a large country, which I would not mention, twenty Our sovereignty in the automotive sector over the years, as we did for gas with Russia. We defend the principle of technological neutrality in favor of biofuels and hydrogen, to guarantee an infrastructure system It is necessary. The state should be given the possibility of refueling. I believe that technology moves much faster than politics and I don’t understand why politics says that luck belongs only to electricity. I believe that Hydrogen will make significant progress and be competitive.”

Georgeti does not trust electricity: Government’s plan

georgetti do you think i biofuel There are useful solutions for the next few years. therefore Government He was also included in the Maxi Plan for the transition of the auto sector, which it further financed € 8 billion 2030 . till, At the moment the stop of combustion engines has achieved the yes Environment Committee in the European ParliamentSo all that is left is to get the vote outright and negotiate with the member states later.

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