There’s no penalty for BoJo, but the partygate doesn’t end there

There's no penalty for BoJo, but the partygate doesn't end there

LONDON – Relief and no fine for Boris Johnson, but the partygate scandal isn’t over yet. The investigation resulted in a total of 126 fines imposed on 83 politicians, officials and officials, some of which have been sanctioned multiple times. At the end of a police investigation into Downing Street and various government buildings held between 2020 and 2021, millions of British in blatant violation of anti-epidemic restrictions imposed by the executive at the time.

The announcement came from Scotland Yard’s acting deputy commander Helen Ball, who made the first firm point on a story that ends in a single acknowledgment received last month with Carey and her minister, the first lady at this time for the premier Tory. of the economy, Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak: a fine for which BoJo apologized in Parliament, though rejected any solicitations to resign.

“The Metropolitan Police has formalized that it has not taken any further action against the prime minister,” a spokesman for Johnson later confirmed, adding that the dossier for Her Majesty’s head of government is closed – at least On a legal level – with fines paid in April for attending a party hosted by then-girlfriend and current wife Carrie Symonds on his birthday in June 2020, despite the then in force. On the other hand, an unprecedented nod to a prominent position in the history of the island.

The spokesman said Johnson was “delighted that the police investigation has concluded” and indicated how determined he is to step back: in the context of the need to deal with the effects of record inflation in the country, with economic repercussions. global factors, including the challenge against a “Russian invasion” against Ukraine, with Boris taking a leading role in the Western Coalition and frontline with Joe Biden in the hard line towards Moscow. .

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The internal protests, however, do not give up and are certainly not satisfied with the half-apologies made to the House of Commons after the fine in April, when Bozo only admitted that he had “misled” the class earlier, But not that he lied “intentionally”.

Labor number one, Keir Starmer – although nicknamed “Birjet” due to suspicions of a mini partygoer in Labor sauce – insists on condemning “violations of the law on an industrial scale” “attributed to the prime minister and his staff”. . “As a matter of resignation. In the meantime, he demanded the immediate full distribution before Parliament of the report of the parallel administrative investigation submitted by the government in recent months to an independent team led by senior official Sue Grey. The investigation was then carried out by Scotland Yard with a delayed detonation.

The report has so far only been known with many omissions, and instead it may reveal facts, photographs, embarrassing judgments in detail. References to the Gray Report (repeated in vague tones by Downing Street within a week or two, according to what is normally expected as widespread) are shared by individual critical Tory deputies, by Scottish separatists of the SNP and by libdems: Whose leader, Ed Davey, doesn’t hesitate to sarcastically target “Downing Street No. 10” as “the most accepted address in the entire state” for the number of verified violations of Covid rules.


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