These are the most popular names

These are the most popular names

It will be a pivotal week for the creation of the Gualtieri Junta. After a weekend of reflection and relative rest, the new mayor’s work will come to life. A long series of meetings are planned with the coalition’s smaller parties, each seeking its own space and compliance with the post-primary promises. Adjacent to these meetings is the halt of city councils, within which coalition pieces may find a place that is difficult to satisfy at the central level.

Specifically, the Greens claim the Department of Ecological Transitions; Demos, along with Paolo Ciani, did not hide their motives for the social. Social which is also attractive to eclectic civic leftists, who will be satisfied, however, with the House as well. Then there’s Roma Futura, with Giovanni Cado who doesn’t slam his fist on the table, but whose movement expects recognition. It is unlikely that the council will be able to please everyone. That is why there are other boxes to be filled and city councils can be the deciders.

For the role of class president, Giovanni Codo’s prices are rising. The Romatre professor is unlikely to be placed in urban planning, while there are many applications for public works. The position at the helm of the Chamber, a role of full prestige, would also extinguish the candidatures of Maurizio Velocia and Svetlana Celli, both destined for other positions at this point.

For Celi, the voice of the candidacy for the vice-presidency of Metropolitan City is getting stronger, a role that will also see it in the foreground from the point of view of the media: indeed, we remember that the mayor of Metropolitan City will be Roberto Gualtieri, who However, the bulk of the work will be left to the deputy. For Maurizio Velocchia, on the other hand, there are two paths: either the role of councillor, for public works, or that of leader of the Dame group.

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The name of Mariana Madia takes shape for the role of deputy, who can manage proxy and institutional affairs relating to personnel, keeping the ranks of relations with the government. Beatrice Lorenzin’s prices are down. Committee chairman Gualtieri Mayer would have expressed more than one concern in joining the team.

As for culture, Pino Battaglia, a historical aide of Minister Dario Franceschini, is raising prices. The regional councilor for mobility, Eugenio Patan, is in pole position, but is threatened by Paola de Micheli, who was formerly in Gualtieri’s government and seen several times in committee through Portonacio. His name was also proposed for public works, a role that should go to a technician (Maurizio Pucci on the pole). Technician for the budget too (Sylvia Scozez in pole position) and for the waste (Laura Melara).

Sabrina alphonsi is named for the strong green color. Alessandro Onorato is a must visit for sports, tours and major events. A return to business of current regional councilor Marta Leonori, and already lauded in that role during the Merino Junta, is also possible.


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