Three Tips for More Europe at a Glance

Three Tips for More Europe at a Glance

Yes, the United States is important to Norway. It is also easy to understand that American culture and social life are close to that of many Norwegians. This applies to the UK, but ultimately we have the most important political ties with the continent: the Agreement on the European Economic Area and membership of the Council of Europe, which is essential. It is therefore ironic that media coverage hardly reflects this important balance of power in Norwegian foreign policy.

It is important to criticize the increased coverage of the United States and the lack of European coverage, as both Red politician Mimir Kristiansson and former European movement leader Paul Frisfold do on a regular basis. Perhaps it is equally important to find and appreciate the material that is actually produced by Europe – As did Aftenposten journalist and author Ingrid Bryke on her blog under the title more than europe. There are a myriad of interesting journalists and voices to follow – and have been invited to NRK and TV2 Studios far more often than American experts.

Digital reality still gives us the opportunity to choose our content. If many US experts are cautious, everyone can follow someone from Poland, Hungary or Germany.

European Wings. What happens on the continent is important to us. It is our responsibility to ensure that we remain so, even as the media may strike a more appropriate balance in their coverage.

mile André Aristad, guest commentator

1) Important Events

First, what exactly is happening in Europe in 2021 that deserves attention?

Often the most important thing in European democracies is the conduct of elections. With the spread of the Crown the number of elections to be held in 2021 remains uncertain. February 14 is the next election in the Spanish region of Catalonia and we can expect new unrest and demands for independence. Elections are held on the same day in Kosovo, the Balkan Republic, which was independent only 13 years ago. Parliamentary elections are held in the Netherlands, Albania, Bulgaria, Russia, Iceland, Germany, the Czech Republic and Moldova for the rest of the year. In addition to local and regional elections in the UK. All these elections are more important to Norway and the Norwegian public than the upcoming by-elections to the United States Congress.

There are also several very interesting processes to follow at the European level. The EU and its member states have agreed on the budget, but it is up to the European Court of Justice to decide whether member states that violate the rule of law are entitled to EU mutual funds. It is a process that may take time, but it may also find an explanation in 2021, which could end in a more authoritarian Europe.

Demonstrations against authoritarian forces in several European countries. In Poland, people took to the streets to protest against the new laws on abortion, in Belarus demonstrations against the dictatorship continued, while in Russia burns began after the arrest of Alexei Navalny. These movements are essential to the future of democracy in Europe and should be followed closely. maybe they are more important than that proud friends.

2) important people

Second, who are the main Europeans to follow in 2021?

maybe you can find it List of politicians of Europe’s most powerful person. Despite marking the end of her career as a politician, there is no one above her and none after Angela Merkel. It is really just intellectual laziness to scrutinize their tweets, Facebook updates and sermons with the same intensity as US presidents. In fact, he rules Europe with another man on Politico’s list, the French and President Emmanuel Macron.

Now that the Norwegian media have been asked to live telecast the tally from the Senate elections in Georgia, USA, it may be time for most people to do a full analysis of who the newly elected leader of the Democrats is. Germany, Armin Laschet, really is. Perhaps the strongest player in Europe the day Angela Merkel entered. His motto for the election was: “I may not be a showman, but I am Armin Lasquet – and you can count on that.” Perhaps this is where we find some answers to why so many people find European politics boring, relatable and somewhat useful. Don’t be fooled by snorkeling.

Similarly, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan should be followed. Both were elected in democratic elections, but they are clearly leading their countries in an authoritarian and undemocratic direction. They are trying to do the same with the whole European project. Washington DC is more important to Norway than going to the Supreme Court

Or what about Scotsman Nicola Sturgeon, who controls it with increasing strength and confidence The Scottish National Party, which declared the fight for a new referendum on an independent Scotland? Or the Italian Giuseppe Conte, Prime Minister to Save the Italian Economy? Aller Svetlana Tikhanovskaja, The 38-year-old sees himself as a symbol of democratic hope in the East through his role in demonstrations in Belarus.? Aller den Liberale Borgrmisteren and Praha, Zdenik Hoib, Representing democracy, rule of law and liberal values ​​in a sea of ​​right-wing populist and authoritarian forces? The list is endlessly long, enough to fill Dagsrevyen day after day, if you wish.

3) Important information channel

Third, who are the good brokers to follow?

We have been blessed with many particularly good European journalists in Norway. Ingrid Brake has already been mentioned, but her analysis of developments in Poland and Germany is warranted- especially on his Facebook page and on his blog.

Simen Akern and Roger Saverin Brüland are NRK’s ​​main correspondent team in Europe, as is Jan Aspen Krauss in Moscow. They need more and more airtime to make their analysis and reports available to a much wider audience than the very willing audience of P2 listeners.

Europe Policy Newsletter brussels guide It is also necessary Anyone can sign here. British Koprendo The Guardians Europe This is also not to be missed. For more special interest, I can recommend sources like the magazine new eastern europe I European Union Monitoring.

For Europe it exists. What happens on the continent is important to us. It is our responsibility to ensure that we remain so, even if the media may strike a more appropriate balance in their coverage.

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