Towards a second referendum on independence?

Towards a second referendum on independence?

Scotland’s Case: Towards a Second Referendum on Independence?

We vote in local elections, nationalists want to return to the European Union

Rome, 6 May (askanews) – “I will ask for your opinion, and not that of anyone else, for a referendum on the independence to be held in the first part of the legislature”.

Scotland’s Prime Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, has been repeating this for months: If the Scottish Nationalist Party, her SNP, wins today’s local election, it will hold a second referendum for independence from the United Kingdom.

A second chance to separate after the first referendum of 2014, when NO won with 55%. But Brexit has since happened, with more than 60% of Scots rejected. The Nationalist Party aims to return to Europe.

This is a regional vote, but for Scotland they are political elections: the next prime minister will come out of the elections and the real question is whether Sturgeon will be able to get an absolute majority.

His main rival is two men. The first, Anas Sarwar, is a Scottish Labor Party candidate, and is desperate to win a large share of the Northern vote.

Gordon Brown, Scottish and former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, was also in the fray for the campaign, in short, a heavy weight in national and local politics. But Labor remains vigilant on the burning issue of freedom.

The third contender is conservative Douglas Ross, apparently opposed to a referendum that he says would be “a pervert”.

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Consultation should be authorized by London. Where conservative Prime Minister Boris Johnson has already declared that the case was closed once and for all in 2014. A victorious victory by the nationalists, however, would put him under pressure.

Voting is up to 22 Italian times, but counting due to Kovid will begin tomorrow and final results may come on Saturday.

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