Towards Cop27 in Egypt. Five climate commitments for the coming year –

  Towards Cop27 in Egypt.  Five climate commitments for the coming year -

it comes from turning Upcoming year, Song by Lucio Dalla. Dear friend, I am writing to you, so as not to be disturbed in the slightest. Because the year is over – almost – and since there’s still a lot to go with it, it’s important to get your hands on it as soon as possible. COP26, the UN climate summit in November, did not set a pivotal point of reference, which was expected, committed to keeping temperature rise as close to +1.5° as possible compared to the mid-industrial revolution. nineteenth century., Between half-empty and half-full glasses (perhaps a little less than half, but there is some) on the budget of the Glasgow Summit, the reality is that exposure to increasingly hot weather and temperatures evaporates everything that’s good. We need to act: 2022 will be as decisive as all these years, but a little more. Here, among the many possible, five things that await us in the coming months. An appointment to prepare, a danger to be avoided, a model to imitate, a calculation to be made and an energy to share.

At the new summit in November, there will be more climate migration and more green finance. The example of South Africa and the pressure of the youth. The new COP promises to be decisive for national work. Also attentive to finance, climate migration, South Africa

One , meeting The United Nations blue flag company will return to reunite in Sharm el-Sheikh, which a few weeks ago had disappointed those who only considered blah-blah-blah. But When it opens on November 7, 2022, the chatter will have to be reduced to zero. Part of Egypt’s Agenda Has Already Been Written in Scotland, Up there, in the world’s rich north, many great powers have sprung out, eventually eschewing the approval of the exit from the era of fossil energy sources: we also had to learn the difference between the two English verbs, “stage finished”. step down”, gradually reaching the point of agreement. In the summer – poor – of the Red Sea (it will also be autumn, but with global warming … in the recent past it was 27-30 degrees) The agreement is to reach more stringent national commitments to the goal of a truly decisive +1.5°, reviewing reduction plans, Which puts attention and responsibility on the actions of India, China, USA etc.

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Placement in India, China, USA and Bonn

They will be in Bonn in mid-June for preparatory work and in October for pre-cop27. By then there will be another figure, which is far from negligible: The summary report of the sixth round of work of the IPCC must be approved in SeptemberThe Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is a group of experts created by the United Nations that produces the most serious and recognized reports on climate trends. And that report would have already arrived, partly in March, on everyone’s tables, adding to the pressure and tension.,

Chaotic traffic in central Cairo during a sandstorm (ANSA)
Chaotic traffic in central Cairo during a sandstorm (ANSA)

two – danger There is a “click”, a snap of awareness that, unsurprisingly, the Western world – (we) – has not yet done. Despite all the evidence. The moment has come. For years we have been seeing migration from the poorest and most vulnerable countries come at a normal, historically slow pace: they go where there is more money to share. In fact, this interpretation ignores an aspect that has become central in just a few years: the effects of the climate crisis as a cause of people’s displacement. From the deserted Sahel and more than ever before, to floods from storms and rising seas to Bangladesh, to drought-stricken Madagascar, refugees created by planetary upheaval of climate are on the rise., The EU has just indicated that already in 2018 (and it was even worse later), 108 million people were in need of international humanitarian aid due to hurricanes, floods, droughts and wildfires. different forecasts converge and calculate that There will be between 200 and 260 million climate refugees by 2050: to better understand this, in 2020 there were 83 million refugees from all origins (including the “environment”), Yet only in January 2020, the UN Human Rights Committee ruled Kiribati – an asylum request submitted by a Pacific Islander citizen – forced to flee due to the effects of rising seas.

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three – model Commissions are not always one of the main tools that politics use to buy time. This is demonstrated by South Africa, which, moreover, was tasked with bringing the country out of apartheid and had deep hatred for the “for truth and reconciliation” commission set up by Nelson Mandela. here, the president Cyril Ramaphosa has formed a committee “to coordinate climate change”. Three years ago, her actions began to develop an unbiased plan for the energy transition: to achieve this, she managed to attract nearly eight billion euros in investment from the United States, the European Union and Great Britain., The key was national ownership: a model to study and try to replicate. Others, including Indonesia and Vietnam, are thinking about it.

four – count In 2020, at the height of the COVID, permanent investment funds in Europe alone had a turnover of 223 billion euros, more than double the previous year. The issuance of green bonds, bonds tied to dedicated spending for the environment, was worth 270 billion euros, and could reach a thousand in two years by some estimates. More generally, ESG financial instruments, in the third quarter of 2021, exceeded 3,500 billion. Calculating the economic convenience of the ecological transition is now entering finance with green investment tools: even for individuals they are now an investment option, as well as an ethical one. Countries are doing it too: According to a group of Chinese researchers, every 0.5 degree increase in temperature on Earth causes Beijing to lose 55 billion euros in economic damage, only because of the resulting flooding.

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five – energy What will Greta and the “Thunberg Generation” do, as youths marching under the banner of Friday4Future are asked to try to put political leaders around the world under pressure? In Glasgow he continued to whip, pointing his finger at the iceberg that as the ice melted is on a collision course with our planet—Titanic. He will get other opportunities to make his point in the coming year. If there is renewable energy, it is theirs.


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