Trees as infrastructure – Domus

Trees as infrastructure - Domus

TreeZAI also intends to support the reclamation of contaminated lands in the city, such as the Glasgow Municipality’s Paused Spaces programme, which since 2011 has been working to develop temporary projects on 25 hectares of vacant and under-utilized urban spaces for local communities. organizations have been successful.

“We know that meeting our most ambitious climate mitigation and adaptation goals means learning how to design cities and live in them in radically different ways,” said Susan Aitken, CEO of Glasgow City Council. “We will need to rethink our principles of human development and economic development, our asset valuation and investment decisions, and the role of urban forests in our businesses and lives. Essentially, the TreeZAI approach will achieve better outcomes for cities, Urban is an invitation to re-evaluate our bureaucratic, financial and cultural relationship with trees.

The Scottish Environmental Protection Agency predicts that more than 230,000 people in and around Glasgow will be at risk of flooding by 2080. But by then, only a few of the millions of trees in the city’s vast urban forest should have reached their maturity, providing natural cover against flooding and increasing climate-related threats.

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