Trump campaign to get a partial count in Wisconsin

Trump campaign to get a partial count in Wisconsin

Wisconsin election officials confirmed Wednesday that they have received a partial payment of 3 3 million from the Trump campaign. The officials said last week that the cost of the statewide recount would be about $ 7.9 million.

“The Wisconsin Election Commission has received a wire transfer from the Trump campaign for Trump 30 million. No application has been received yet, but the Trump campaign has told WEC staff that a file will be filed today,” the election commission said.

CNN President-elect Joe Biden wins Wisconsin. According to unofficial results, Biden leads President Donald Trump by 20,470 votes or 0.62%. Trump has refused to admit and has instead promoted conspiracy theories about voter fraud.

A press release from the campaign states that the Trump campaign is limiting Milwaukee County and Dan County to its Wisconsin recount requests. The money paid by the Trump campaign will be enough to pay for recent events in these counties, which are Democratic strong.

Milwaukee County includes Milwaukee, the state’s largest city, and Wisconsin has the largest population of blacks. According to unofficial results from the Wisconsin Election Commission, Biden defeated Trump in that county by 317,251 votes to 134,355.

Dan County includes the state capital Madison, which has many college-age voters from the University of Wisconsin. According to unofficial results from the Wisconsin Election Commission, Biden won that county by 260,157 votes to 78,789 votes.

The count, which begins Thursday, will have 13 days to count all of their votes, according to proceedings announced by the Wisconsin Election Commission. The commissioner must certify the final results by December 1.

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Dan County Clark, Scott McDonnell, said his county will begin counting ballots Friday and will likely take most of the 13-day period approved.

“We’ve been planning this for days,” McDonnell told reporters Wednesday. He said it is unlikely that a recount in his county will lead to a significant swing in votes, “there is nothing close to what will be needed to change the results.”

The recount will be carried out with at least partial ball ballet scanning machines. Maddonell said polling workers would be socially removed and space would be arranged with plexiglass and police security. Trump and Biden campaign observers will be able to watch the proceedings and challenge the ballots, and the vote count can even go live online.

“From our point of view, this was a really clean election,” he said.

Probably, experts say. It is unlikely that the recovery would change enough votes to reverse Biden’s lead of 20,470 votes. (In 2016, Trump’s term ended with just 131 votes in a count of requests by Green Party candidate Jill Stein.)

Republicans and Trump allies former Wisconsin government. Scott Waker had previously said that Trump’s calculations faced “critical hurdles”, and called for Biden’s margins to be identified as “hunchbacks.”

Caroline Kenny of CNN contributed to this report.


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