Trump G.O.P. Trying to lure election officials who will not play his games

 Trump G.O.P.  Trying to lure election officials who will not play his games

“I am a Republican, and I am a conservative. And I think I’m going to be disappointed, because I don’t believe my candidate will win, “said Rafensparger in an interview this week before Jafargia certified his results.” But he said, “I want that 100 percent of people have confidence in the results. I don’t like it. And I have to take that medicine, like everyone else in my party, but that would be a definite calculation. ”

Raffensperger said he would run for a second term in 2022, although other Republicans now have “chances” to be defeated in the primary, he said. “And right now, the emotions are much higher. It will be the same. I’m going to do my job. And my account is to the Georgians who put me here in office fees, and indeed all the Georgians. ”

He is getting some air support. Republicans for Rule of Law, a group that opposes Trump, recently launched Half a million dollar advertising campaign Thanks to Rafenspગરrger for conducting “textbook elections in exceptional circumstances” in the state.

“Look, it’s an unfortunate reality that in the Trump era, with the exception of a few precious ones, it’s hard for Republicans to stand up against the president and stand up for the truth.” The anti-Trump Republican tive paradigm that helps run the group. “It could hurt him politically, but I think it’s to his credit – as a human being and a Republican – that he’s going to tell the truth as much as he can.”

Trump has labeled him as opposing Rafensperger RINO in a tweet And the amplifying calls of David Perdue and Kelly Loffler’s GOP Sense for Rafansperger’s resignation.

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Mentioning it simply in Trump’s Twitter feed could have serious consequences for his safety and mental health for officials, regardless of his political ideology.

Philadelphia Republican Election Commissioner Al Schmidt said the threats “started in general.” “But then the sad thing is that after the President tweeted my name, there were many more of them, and they were more specific in nature. So, I am referring to my children, and what they will do for them. ”

Like Rafensperger, the president tweeted about Schmidt Renee is calling him And said he “refuses to look at the mountain of corruption and dishonesty.” Schmidt said he now has security details from the city for his and his family’s safety.

“It’s not just me, it’s my staff, other commissioners,” Schmidt said. The threats are not new either. Many election officials have been dealing with them for months.

Election officials Across the country Have reportedly received threats to do their job. “There are presidents, members of Congress, and other elected officials who are giving false information and encouraging others to take the election results to the district,” said Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs. A Democrat, said In a statement. “Their words and actions are the result.”

Like Kentucky’s Republican Secretary of State Michael Adams – who took the comparative step of making voting easier in the midst of an epidemic, he was also not immune. Adams called on the Democratic governor to significantly increase his state’s vote share for the June primary. It received bilateral praise Within the state, and in general elections.

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But he said he has Republicans also faced criticism For their efforts, such as Trump’s mail went against the one-time inadvisable practice of voting – while national figures and leading Democrats such as LeBron James and Hillary Clinton criticized the state for keeping a small number of polling stations open (excluding details such as mail extensions). She led Phone lines of election officials filled with abusive calls. Adams also noted that he has taken a significant political risk.

“I have taken great heat for my decisions on how to make our elections safe and successful, but no one has noticed that I have made this decision in my own or someone else’s political interest.” tweeted in Gust. “Show me the door in 2023 but until then I will work on my knowledge and end conscience.”

Georgia’s Rafensperger insists he is not bothered by the attack and says he has the support of rank-and-file supporters.

“Really, a horrible lot of bottom-up Republicans. Ronald Reagan-type Republican, Rousseau, is with me, “said Raffenberg. “People who can be objective and just, and they don’t let outside forces fight them.”

Schmidt of Philadelphia said he was less concerned with his own political future than the erosion of trust in the democratic system.

“I am concerned, I would say, for the future of our country in certain respects,” Schmidt said. “Obviously, I am worried about the party and its future. But more precisely, the damage that is being done to our electoral system. ”

Schmidt, who was elected for a third term in 2019 and will not run for re-election until 2023, said that if he ran again, “I have not really thought about it.” But he spoke in support of the US Alliance, but said that maintaining some independence was important.

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“There’s an expression ‘there’s no Republican or Democratic way to fix the pit.’ “There should be no Republican or Democratic way to count votes.”


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