Trump’s 1. 1.88 trillion stimulus proposal will face opposition from Pelosi and Senate GOP

Trump's 1. 1.88 trillion stimulus proposal will face opposition from Pelosi and Senate GOP
On Saturday, Pelosi made this call Counter offer Trump on Friday pointed to the amount as “insufficient” and “one step forward, two steps behind” in the negotiations, stressing that many key outstanding policy issues are being worked on.

“At the moment, we still disagree on many priorities, and the Democrats are waiting for language from the administration on a number of provisions, as negotiations on the overall funding amount continue,” Pelosi wrote in a letter to the House Democrats on Saturday. The House said in a letter to Democrats on Saturday.

Welcome to Pelosi 8 1.8 trillion Republicans have made it clear to their respective leaders that they do not want any part of the big deal, which was negotiated by Senate leader Mitch McConnell and House Minority Leader Capin McCarthy at the White House. Is.

Calling for a meeting with Treasury Secretary Steven Munuchin and White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows on Saturday, Senate Republicans blasted the White House’s $ 1.8 trillion offer to Speaker Pelosi, according to multiple sources.

They went through a number of GOP concerns, such as the overall cost tagging of state and local funds.

While sentiment was that talks with Pelosi should continue, it was clear that the White House plan did not have the virtual possibility of passing a GOP-controlled Senate, sources said.

According to two sources familiar with the call, the Florida Republican, Sen. Rick Scott, Manuchin and Meadows clearly said, “I didn’t get it” when it came to why the White House is going down their current path. Tennessee Sen. Marsha Blackburn said she would be a “death knell” for the Senate Republican majority and would default to the base just three weeks before the election.

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Sen. Lamar Alexander, one of the most inconsistent and respected members of the convention, told Meadows and Munich that the White House was “just no appetite” for spending the number it was floating.

And the Utah Republican Sen. Mike Lee stressed that if there is to be an explanation, it could focus on Trump’s Supreme Court nomination – which should be the focus of both the White House and Senate Republicans.

Meadows and Munchi signaled they would respond to Trump.

After delivering this information, “you all have to come to my funeral,” according to sources familiar with the call, Meadows said after making all the remarks to him. Munuchi agreed that it would be received very badly.

Republican senators were fed up with those comments.

On this call, some G.O.P. The senators slammed Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell for going too far in seeking congressional approval of economic relief and, according to two sources, for stepping out in public to demand his release.

In a total reversal, Trump said this week that he is Interested in large-scale stimulus deals Tuesday after 48 hours of sudden excitement.
Trump’s 1. 1.8 trillion offer is more than enough 6 1.6 trillion Put it on the table earlier this week but stay down 2 2.2 trillion in bills House Democrats passed last week.

The president said Friday that he wants to see greater stimulus than is currently controlled by Democrats or his administration, but Republicans in Congress oppose ટ 1 trillion or any new aid price tag. Senate Republicans have rallied behind the 500 500 billion price tag.

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Pelosi has repeatedly argued that the actual legal language – and where that language directs funding – has become the most crucial part of any deal, especially for funding for states and territories that lack significant budgets. The Trump administration.

In his letter on Saturday, Pelosi rejected Trump’s proposal, saying he wanted more money at his discretion to agree or withhold language instructions on “how to respect our workers, crush the virus and put money in workers’ pockets.” “

The Democratic leader said, “Despite these unfounded concerns, she has remained” optimistic “that Friday’s development will bring her closer to a deal on the relief package.

The story has been updated with additional developments on Saturday.


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