Trump’s mob shouted “Fire Foski” at a late-night rally as Biden campaigned in Pedaslavania

Trump's mob shouted

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With election day beginning in less than 36 hours, President Trump wrapped up the election campaign marathon day with a late-night rally in Miami, where crowds chanted “Fire Fox”. His Democratic rival John Biden spent last Sunday before the election focused on Pennsylvania, where Biden has been sharpened by the vote but Mr. Trump has insisted he will remain.

Mr Trump will campaign in Biden’s hometown of Scranton on Monday. Biden, Jill Biden, Kamala Harris and her husband Damg Amphoff will be out in the state on Monday, and the Biden campaign will link a trip to Cleveland, Ohio to their election event schedule. Former President Obama will campaign for Biden in Georgia and Florida on Monday.

In Miami, Mr. Trump called on the nation’s leading infectious disease specialist, Dr. “Don’t tell anyone, but wait a bit after the election,” Anthony said of Fauci. He then added that Fau Ki was “very wrong.” On Sunday, the White House targeted Fu Ki, who issued a stern warning in a recent interview about what Americans are facing in the winter months.

The Miami rally prevented the spread of COVID-19 by advancing the city’s midnight curfew, and the Biden campaign called it Mr. Trump’s “potential super-spreader rally.”

Mr. Trump spent Sunday zigzagging through the east coast swing states in Michigan, Iowa, North Carolina, Georgia and Florida. At a campaign rally in Dubois, Iowa, Mr. Trump tried to advance the idea that the results should be announced. Election Night.

“We need to know the outcome of the November 3 election,” Mr. Trump said. “November November evening. It’s like this and it should be like this. What’s going on in this country? What’s going on?”

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More than 92 million Americans across the country have already voted. With so many Americans voting by mail, some states may be delaying the vote count.

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