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According to the British foreign minister, Liz Truss, who is the favorite to replace Boris Johnson at Downing Street from Tuesday, it is right to prioritize the tax cut scheme, even though the more affluent will benefit the most – and around 250 by calculation Guna – As an end result, in his opinion, there will be a revival of the economy and hence benefits for all. This was explained by Truss himself in an interview with the BBC, on the eve of the vote for the leadership of the Conservative Party, which, according to the forecast, would see him as the winner and consequently the next prime minister. Truss then remarked that he believes it is wrong to view economic policy through a “redistributive lens”, a mistake he believes has been repeated for too long. “The economic debate over the past 20 years has dominated discussions on redistribution. – he said – and what has happened is relatively low growth.”
Meanwhile Tory policy also talks about an emergency plan to deal with costly energy that it considers “important” and that if he is prime minister, he will unveil it within a week of his inauguration, he said, though without providing more details. However, he explained that the action should be “hands-on” with plans to boost domestic energy supplies, adding that the UK has become too dependent on internationally set energy prices.
The result of the Tory summit’s challenge to replace Boris Johnson will be officially announced tomorrow: the winner will take office in Downing Street on Tuesday, after being formally honored by Queen Elizabeth in the traditional ceremony, which takes place on the occasion. Extraordinarily usually will not be held. In Buckingham Palace but at Balmoral, the royal residence in Scotland where the sovereign remains these days.

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