truth in a video

truth in a video

found it Advertisement or really fedez he’s about to go in Policy, After their husband, nowadays many people ask themselves this clear Ferragni has announced that it has registered the domain on the web There News It’s not wrong because the domain is registered correctly, but you have to understand the real End, in recent times rapper is many times commented some decisions policiesAnd so his interest in entering the world of politics would not be so strange.

Fedez and social posts

on his Instagram account, fedez was posted Video summary showing how some programs TV and more Newspaper is accepted News About his possible entry into politics. the rapper didn’t write noteswriting only to gods dots, In addition to the video, Fedez posted some stories who portrays him in front of anews kiosk Milanese while, clearly HappyBrowse some national newspapers in which first of all Page There is only news in question. though once again fedez He decided to leave everyone Breath Suspended: in the end Photo posted on social mediaimage Of Popcornto which he added a sibilline “prepare yourself“So, all that’s left is to wait for the next Speed Rapper’s to find out if it’s just about Marketing in view of the launch of the new Disc Or is his intention genuine.

Fedez reveals everything with a video on social media

He had declared ready and once again fedez Is astonished Everyone. through a Video The rapper posted on Instagram with a clear and obvious excitement Unveiled leaves: “I enter the fray because Italian politics is a serious matter. Vote inhumane”, Federico Lucia again wrote in a surprising surprise to his 13 million followers, who commented with amusement.

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