Tuesday 8 February 2022 – AlessioPorcu.it

Tuesday 8 February 2022 - AlessioPorcu.it

Top and Flop. The facts and heroes of the past few hours. To understand what happened on this Tuesday 8 February 2022 and what awaits us

Top and Flop. The facts and heroes of the past few hours. To understand what happened on this Tuesday 8 February 2022 and what awaits us


mauro vicano

mauro vicano

He will run for mayor, supported by at least 4 or 5 citizen lists. Plus 2 or 3 parties. regardless of the Democratic Party.

It was definitely a Scottish shower for Mauro Vicano to figure out After a year of hard work putting people and lists together, the Democratic Party didn’t follow through. At the crucial moment of the presentation of the candidacy for mayor. It’s no different that he can do it later, but by now in any case he will.

Undoubtedly difficult but very attractive challenge to face. Right now he is trying to form a coalition, while also pledging to submit a competitive list to the city council. It’s definitely not hidden Can’t understand why center-left, coming back from two heavy defeats, doesn’t rejoin In his name, but now he only looks forward.

positive outlook.

BPPE Grillo

Beppe Grillo (Photo by Paolo Seroni © Imagoeconomica)

TAR’s decision of Naples has brought the situation back to the starting point. Founder Beppe Grillo will lead the current phase of the Five Star Movement, which is perhaps the most complex.

We are moving towards a new vote that will certainly bring back Giuseppe Conte as the head of the movement, but in the meantime after what has happened in recent days It is clear that neither Conte nor Di Maio have the charisma and political power to stick together All pentastellate spirits.

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So it’s Grillo’s turn once again to try to renegotiate the political line. The real root of the controversy lies in the third term. Conte does not want this to get rid of Luigi Di Maio and many of the party’s historical and cumbersome exponents. Luigi Di Maio wants him to remain a hero. We need a mediator that only the elevated can do.

i will give you movement,


Giuseppe Conte

Giuseppe Conte (Photo Sara Minelli / Imagoeconomica)

He said that his leadership at Five Stars does not depend on stamp paper but on a process of deep sharing of values ​​and “Rate“. He will certainly return to driving, but that is not the problem. The problem is really the leadership: it is not cohesive, given that the Five Star Movement moves from one Vietnam to another.,

It’s not even about winning leadership, because In the last administrative games Cinque Stelle lost Rome and Turin and the rest were irrelevant. of the country Not to mention the match for Colle.

The First Party of Parliament was divided on everything, as a result of which even this matter became irrelevant. Perhaps Giuseppe Conte should understand that the support of Marco Travaglio is not enough to lead a political party.


Giovanni Totti

Giovanni Totti (Photo: Paolo Ceroni / Imagoeconomica)

ready, go and then dry braking on the road great center, The leader of the Italia Vivas was the first to warn that a possible reconsideration smacks of mateo renzic, Then number one in action carlo calenda He said very clearly that he was not interested. That’s why the mayor of Venice also hesitated Luigi Brugnaro,

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And so Giovanni Totti, the leader of Cambiamo and president of Liguria, He turned and saw that there was no one near him or behind him.

At the same time he would have to deal with attacks from the League and Italian brothers in Liguria for what happened in the parliament for the election of the head of state.

left alone,


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