Twenty six lakh improper loans. Condemns the Gualtieri Rays

 Twenty six lakh improper loans.  Condemns the Gualtieri Rays

late payment For creditors that turns into millions of euros that taxpayers are forced to pay for work and services into the capital treasury. Same thing happens municipality of rome,

To reveal management that is difficult to define clearly Sylvia Scozzi, Deputy Mayor and holder of Capital Accounts. As reported by the newspaper Il Tempo, Scosze has launched an internal investigation and called on the director and general secretary of the Capital, respectively, Paolo Alli and Pietro Milletti, to examine the documents and if they need to proceed with complaints. If discrepancies or problems are found, they are given a mandate. Prosecutor of the Court of Auditors. It seems that the ray junta is responsible for the situation. The deputy mayor, in fact, once he took office, received more than 36 proposals for pardons from Mileti. These all came from the Capitoline departments and were approved by 5 stars without giving a reason. And for this they have not yet received the approval of the Capitoline Assembly.

Some of the proposals date back to 2014 and immediate intervention has been ordered by the Simu Department for the floods that hit the capital on January 31 of that year.


they are debts, he always specifies Season, derived from amounts which were initially payable by the administration for various reasons but which were never paid to the creditors. Result? Interest in litigation matters has increased. Because if the municipality does not repay the loan on time, the creditors are suing. And if the latter wins, the administration will have to pay not only interest but also expenses.

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Speaking of the latest estimates, we are talking about 26 million euros, of which 1.5 is interest. But what is more serious is that by refusing to defend itself before creditors, the administration would not have given an explanation for the delay. ,The inertia of the administration – writes Scotties in a special council brief approved on 22 March – has been continued and pervasive and has determined the exponential growth of the costs to be borne by the municipality.,

Who will be the Directors and Secretary General of Capital, who will have to rearrange the accounts and find valid reasons for the situation that has arisen. First, they must prepare a report on the 36 amnesty proposals submitted to the executive. They are also authorized to proceed with complaints to the Court of Auditors. In order to prevent further delay in payment in future, an action has been activated to monitor the expenditure. In addition, it is intended to strengthen the coordination between departments and political bodies, i.e., the Council and the Legislative Assembly. Will there be only chatter? Hopefully the Roman citizens don’t give up as usual.


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