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Last night, public health officials in Idaho, the Boise mayor and the police chief, threatened public safety outside the health department building as well as outside the homes of some health officials, saying the meeting ended abruptly after a meeting.

At the request of Boise Mayor Lauren McLean and the Boise Police Department, a member of the health board, Ada County Commissioner Diana Lachiondo, said in an online meeting, she had to leave home to live with her son. The board was expected to vote on the four-county mask order in Idaho’s most populous area.

“My 12-year-old son is home alone right now and there are mostly protesters outside the door,” Lachiondo said.

Another member of the board, Family Physician Dr. “The protest is not under my control at home,” Ted Iperley said. The protesters went to the homes of at least three board members, the police department said.

Hundreds of protesters gathered at the Central District Health Parking before and during the meeting.

Anti-mask protesters join the Central District Health Offices Fees in Bayes, Idaho.

Anti-mask protesters join the Central District Health Offices Fees in Bayes, Idaho. Photograph: Darin Oswald / AP

Other groups are proponents of the proposed mask rule. An organization called the “Epidemic Committee” collected pro-message messages from area00 residents, placing them on the signs in the yard delivering the health district building several hours before the meeting began.

The Associated Press reports that Central District Health Director Rush Duke interrupted Tuesday’s meeting to inform board members of the mayor’s request.

“I got a call from the mayor, and it sounds like the police, and he’s requesting that we close this meeting because of the high level of protesters in the parking lot and the safety of the police and the safety of the staff. Protesters who are now at the homes of our board members, ”Duke said.

The Boise Police Department later released a statement on Twitter saying they had requested that the meeting be adjourned in the public interest.

Idaho Govt. Brad Little Idaho has repeatedly been asked to wear a mask, but has refused to issue a statewide mask order, instead leaving the decision in the hands of the regional health board. He condemned the actions of protesters at the home of board members.

The governor’s statewide orders require physical distance between gatherings, public and private gatherings are limited to 10 people (excluding religious or political events), patrons are rented in bars and rest restaurants, and long-term care facilities require masks.

Last week, regional hospital officials warned that they were so affected by the high incidence of coronavirus patients and health care workers unable to work because they were sick that the state could be forced to implement “care crisis standards” next month. . Emergency care standards are designed to ensure that most surviving Covid-19 patients are given access to potential life-saving treatments when there are not enough.

The Idaho Department of Health and Welfare reports that at least 113,905 Idaho residents have been infected with the virus, with 2,012 new cases reported on Tuesday. At least 1,074 residents have died since Kovid-19.

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