Ub Burn Football .L Live: Georgia Game

Ub Burn Football .L Live: Georgia Game

After a week of talking, the “coach speaking,” preview, guess and expectation, the top-10 tilt between No. 7 ub burn and No. 4 Georgia is upon us. It’s time for football in Athens, where the Tigers want to break a 15-year losing streak.

Missed any injury updates or notes before kickoff? Check us out Antecedent notebook, Observations and Tidbitts from (including Georgia’s quarterback situation and information on Ubburn’s COVID-19 numbers) Ub burn undercoverTeam of journalists.

The Tigers and Bulldogs are expected to take off early at 6:30 p.m. CST. ESPN Not through your television to catch up on? Refresh this page every few minutes for live game updates, scoring play, turnover, injuries and more. Join the conversation with Auburn’s other diehards Bodda Getta Message Board.

Third quarter

  • 0:00 3Q: Knicks’ record-breaking series of pass attempts without interruption, ending at the last play of the third quarter. Ub Burn again worked his way into the UGA region before Mark Webb came down with the pick.
  • 5:55 3Q: Georgia mounts another long drive and goes to the 10-yard line of ub burn, but the Tigers’ defense pushes the third and an imperfection on goal. Bulldogs convert to short field goal. Georgia 27, UB Burn 6.
  • 10:09 2 Q: ub Burn goes inside Georgia’s 30-yard line, but the Knicks are placed third and long. Carlson connects with a 45-yard field goal. Georgia 24, UB Burn 6.
  • 12:40 3 Q: A Burn is in the Georgia region on his first drive in the second half, thanks to Seth Williams for the big finish.
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Second quarter

  • Altime: Georgia 24, UB Burn 3. Total Yards: ub burn 81, Georgia 288. Rushing yards: ub burn 27, Georgia 130. Third Downs: ub burn 1-for-6, Georgia 6-for-9.
  • 0:25 2Q: ub Burn pushes a punt and will take shots at more points with 25 seconds until halftime. Tigers start at their own 18.
  • 1:38 2Q: ub burn stalls on Georgia’s 3-yard line. The Y-65-yard drive ends with the Tigers ’first point in the evening on a short Anders Carlson field goal. Georgia 24, Auburn 3.
  • 3:49 2 Q: Georgia safety Richard Lecont III, a predecessor All-American, is said to be the third in the red zone and the longest on ub burn receiver to score against Chedric Jackson. After review, he’s out, and the ub burn is within a 10-yard line.
  • 4:40 2 Q: ub Burn is finally operating in the UGA region. Tiger in the red zone after a big game by a true fresh man running behind the tank Bigsby.
  • 6:26 2Q: urn Bern’s defense has no answers. The 49-yard pass from Bennett to Caris Jackson again meets Reggia in the red zone, and White gets his second night’s quick touchdown. Georgia 24, Auburn 0.
  • 9:08 2 Q: After struggling against Arkansas last week, Georgia’s run game reaches 100 yards without even running in the middle of the second quarter.
  • 9:53 2Q: Another three and out for burning ub. The Tigers have just one down in Georgia’s 11 tonight.
  • 11:08 2Q: Georgia marches on the field once again. Bennett sent a 21-yard touchdown to down one-time ub burn to another third and long-term George Pickens. Georgia 17, UB burn 0.
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First trimester

  • Quarter end: Total Yards: ub burn 39, Georgia 130. Third downs: ub burn 0-for-3, Georgia 4-for-6.
  • 4:00 1 Q: Georgia runs 59 yards in 11 plays, pushing Ub Burn’s defensive front to the ground. But the ub burn is a straight part within its own 5-yard line with five straight imperfections pushed, resulting in a Georgia area target. Georgia 10, UB burn 0.
  • 8:03 1 Q: Another three and out for the Tigers. Those are two straight third-and-long Boxes The Knicks have tried to convert throwing into runs.
  • : 31: 11 Q: After a third and long longing converted by Bennett’s hand, Georgia, Zamir White’s score is running back to a 1-yard touchdown. Georgia 7, UB burn 0.
  • 12:27 1 Q: uburn Safety Smoke is set for Monday’s target. Ub Burn is already missing tonight from cornbuck Jelly Simpson.
  • 12:36 1 Q: Defective pass on the third down leads to three and out for the Tigers on their first possession.
  • 14:09 1 Q: ts Bern’s defense gets three and out in his first series against Stetson Bennett and the Bulldogs.
  • 14:54 1 Q: Kenny McIntosh with a big return to start the UGA game. The Bulldogs will start with their own 43.
  • 15:00 1 Q: ub Burn wins the toss and is suspended in the second half. We’ll look at Georgia’s crime first. Let’s play ball.


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