UEFA President Ceferin defends himself against criticism: “accusing football of spreading the virus is irresponsible”

UEFA President Ceferin defends himself against criticism:

curious sight

Michael Ballack (44) looked to the side first, stunned and had to smile. Former German national football player and TV presenter Johannes b. Kerner (56) was about to analyze the highly controversial penalty scene in the semi-final of the European Championship between England and Denmark when Kerner’s cell phone rang.

“Then we learned that if the wrong decision is made, someone from the basement has to report it to Nyon and then, to say the least, see it again for yourself,” said kerner On Wednesday evening on Magenta TV with reference to the video assistant at the headquarters of the European Football Association (UEFA) in Nyon, Switzerland.

To which Ballack agreed: “Absolutely, and this possibility has only recently become available…”. However, at that time, he was interrupted by the unmuted mobile phone of his TV partner, which was lying between the two. “You go ahead, that’s Patrick Itrich, I’ll answer that for a moment, just keep talking,” Kerner said.

spoke, turned to the side and could be heard with the words: “Patrick, someone has to intervene.“Etrich is a German referee and works as a specialist for Magenta TV at the European Football Championship. Kerner leaned forward, pointed, made a movement with his left index finger, which could be interpreted as: “Slightly speak fast, we live in the air” and ended the call after about half a minute. (DPA)

Meanwhile Ballack moderated alone until kerner Came back to the moderator’s table and told: “Well, he says, ‘You know how the UEFA line is at the moment. All I can say is this: common sense of football, I oppose it.”

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