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Referendum on the independence of Scotland: the inauguration of the British government

Later brexie For the United Kingdom, another example of political separatism, this time internal. We are talking about this decades old effort. Scotland for askingIndependence from Great Britain referendum, a project hitherto always opposed by the British government.

However, it seems that something has changed in the last few hours, i.e. since the Minister of Cabinet Office Michael Gove He reaffirmed that the government would not stand in the way of popular consultation if a majority was demonstrated in relation to the new vote.

Tensions between London and Edinburgh over the future of the country are indeed getting stronger, and so Gove has to admit that, even if the timing is not right, the government has refused to listen to popular will. Political pressure exerted by the Prime Minister in May Minister Nicola Sturgeon, the winner of the local elections for the fourth time in a row, has launched a campaign in favor of a second referendum, which should be held within end of 2023.

Gove’s response, which has the task of ensuring that the various nations of Great Britain remain united, was clear and quite decisive at the time: it would be quite unlikely that the British government would approve a referendum first. Elections, policies that will be held in 2024.

The politician commented on the proposal, arguing how timely and apparently insane it seemed to him to lead public debate to internal divisions, right at a time when all ordinary effort is aimed at fighting. COVID-19 during the ongoing pandemic.

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The referendum for Scottish independence: statistics and polls

We remember that in 2014, when the first referendum was held, almost 2 million voters, therefore more than 55% of those entitled say they are in favor of living in the United Kingdom. However, Sturgeon and his political allies believe that support for independence has grown and continues to grow: hence a new consultation. It won’t be up for debate, you just need to set a date.

Ian Blackford, leader of Scottish National Party Al Governo, recalled how it is democratically unacceptable to ignore that the will of the electorate, who has crowned the majority with pro-independence business, is likely to hold the infamous referendum: the Edinburgh Parliament at the moment observes 129. 72 seats out of Captured by pro-independence lawmakers.

although the last Survey They seem to underline a growing lack of interest in the matter. After 6 months of steady growth, the number of Scottish respondents has increased from 58% in favor of less promising at the beginning of 2021 48% (It should also be specified that the sample was quite small, less than 1300 subjects).

The identity of Great Britain thus remains an open political front on which it will be fought frequently and willingly in the months to come.


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