Ukraine: Majority still lumpy, trust hypothesis moves forward

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majority meeting with the government ends on the decree of Ukraine Arrived in the Senate chamber. The hypothesis is that the executive places a question of trust on the provision, After hearing the groups, Federico D’Inco, Minister of Relations with Parliament, would have explained according to what he learned, that if the problems raised by some groups persist, the question of trust in the Chamber would be raised.

During the majority meeting on DL Ukraine, M5S reiterates “strong opposition to the agenda of the Ukraine Decree of a minority or majority, which envisages an extraordinary increase in military spending”, This was informed by the movement’s sources in the Senate. “If the majority votes differently, it will certainly not be the first time and everyone will take the responsibility of their choice. We made it clear to the government representatives present in the meeting that this is the position of M5S and we asked them to take Keeping this in mind in drafting the def, he explains.

“For us this is not the country’s priority in the current moment of crisis – they explain the M5s – moreover because before allocating additional funds for defense we must rationalize national spending which is unbalanced on personnel and too much for training. are few and move quickly on the road to a common European defence. If the majority votes differently, it certainly won’t be the first time and everyone will take responsibility for their own choices”.

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