United Kingdom: Last day of voting to decide new premier and leader of the Conservatives, Truss the Favourite

Liz Truss Brexit

The race for leadership of the British Conservative Party, which began in July following the resignation of Prime Minister Boris Johnson, ends today. Voting operations among Conservative deputies have defined two candidates for the Tory leadership in a matter of weeks, namely Foreign Minister. liz truss and former chancellor of the treasury Rishi Sunki, Party members will have until 5pm local time today to decide who will be the next Conservative leader and consequently the new UK prime minister. However, the results of the elections will only be announced on Monday 5 September, while the next day Johnson and his successor will be at the Royal Residence of Balmoral, Scotland, where Queen Elizabeth II will await them.

In more than a month, in a very difficult period for the national economy, there were several public confrontations between Truss and Sunak to show their preferences to conservative voters and all British citizens in general. Elections give Truss a strong advantage for now, which has won most of the “approval” of weight within the party, including various ministers in the Johnson government. The outgoing premier has given no indication of his priorities, though not from commentator Sunak’s decisive role in leading to Johnson’s definitive surrender, for months set to remain at Downing Street, despite several scandals that involved him. have been saved. The resignation of the then Chancellor of the Exchequer actually seemed a “coup grace” to the premier, forced to surrender evidence that he no longer had the support of key figures in his cabinet. Truss, who remained in the position of head of the Foreign Office, was able to play the card of continuity with Johnson on several key chapters in British government action. Over the past few weeks, Truss has sought to consolidate his popularity in the more traditional wing of the party, repeatedly reiterating his opposition to new tax measures and seeking to include foreign policy in the debate, reaffirming his full support. Of. In the wake of what Johnson has done in recent months. Sunak essentially had to reaffirm the legitimacy of the measures implemented as chancellor, notably the tax on excess profits to energy companies, playing a “significant” role on the economic situation in the United Kingdom and putting the fight against record inflation. on the need. The highest priority is taken as possible by the Prime Minister.

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Some sources within the Conservative Party state that the outcome of the vote among members is unclear, explaining that the difference between a truce and a truce may not be as wide as many news sites claim. The “politico” portal gives a 59 percent preference to the foreign minister, who will be 27 percentage points away from the rival. Indecisive will be 10 percent of the interviewees. The exact number of people called to express their choices is not known, but according to the newspaper “The Guardian”, at least 150,000 people registered for the Tories’ leadership in 2019 at the last election. There is an inclination towards the middle of the current estimates. Between 180 and 200,000 Conservative Party members, or about 0.3 per cent of the total UK population. A study from London’s Queen Mary University also indicates that 44 percent of those enrolled in the training will be over the age of 65; 97 percent would also be “white”, and would most likely be residents between the capital and regions of southern England (54 percent). However, a well-defined demographic profile will emerge, which will be asked to choose the new prime minister for the country of over 67 million residents.

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