Universal Minimum Income: The whole world talks about it (and experiences it), this is Susidistan

Universal Minimum Income: The whole world talks about it (and experiences it), this is Susidistan

The two Mateos (Renzi and Salvini) return yesterday to jeopardize the citizenship’s income, which they assure will be destroyed immediately. Glasgow, Scotland, also started yesterday on the 22nd world congress of universal incomeThis is an opportunity to show that the basic income question is not a frivolous game, but a global issue. And it is no coincidence that the Scottish Premier sent a message calling for the Scottish appointment, all online Nicola Sturgeon, Supporter of an income project.

Scotland. The Congress will run till August 21 and will be attended by 250 speakers from around the world and about a thousand participants. In recent days it was announced by Beppe Grillo’s blog that as of yesterday afternoon, however, she had not registered. Italian Basic Income Network, headed by sandro gobetti who, achieved by What happened, explains the Scottish novelty: “This edition is held in Scotland because it is one of the countries where there is a very advanced debate on universal and unconditional basic income. Parliament and Prime Minister Sturgeon are among the biggest supporters , so much so that they have already invested several million pounds to start a feasibility study to introduce it in some counties of Scotland”.

The government secretary for social justice, Shona Robison, is in charge of doing the work necessary to introduce a measure that, according to the government, could provide economic guarantees for living a “decent, healthy and financially secure life”.

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For this a steering group has been set up under the chairmanship of Russell Gunson, director of the Institute for Public Policy Research in Scotland. “The proposal will set a basic income under which no one will have to slip,” Gunson said.

american mayor. Ongoing trials, which now involve dozens of cities in the United States, will be discussed, even with funding to support the COVID emergency, state of California $30 million has been allocated. If, as has been shown during the pandemic, putting money in people’s pockets is one way to tackle poverty, then a growing number of mayors have formed a coalition, Mayor for a guaranteed income, Joe plans to use the data to lobby the White House and Congress and launch a federally guaranteed income. The mayors also have Los Angeles that approved a $24 million program to guarantee 2,000 families $1,000 a month.

Canada and Germany. It is also talked about in Canada with the “A basic income for Newfoundland and Labrador” initiative and in Germany where Die Linke’s electoral program set a basic income and a minimum solidarity pension of 1200 euros. She goes. .

South Korea. South Korea is discussing this, which certainly isn’t home to rampant populism in the wake of the presidential elections. Democratic Party leader Lee Jae-myung, who is currently governor of Gyeonggi Province, has introduced a basic income.

“This edition is much richer than previous editions” says Gobeti, who also recalls experiments in India, Finland, Kenya and Uganda: “There are a lot of pilot projects of unconditional basic income so we pay a lot of attention to world news. focus”. Also a consequence of the covid emergency, which resulted in Europe‘European citizen’ initiative for basic income, a collection of 1 million signatures required by Community regulations to ask the Commission and the European Parliament to discuss it.

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