Unsolved secrets of Donald Trump and his term

Unsolved secrets of Donald Trump and his term

Lies and misleading representations are the hallmark of Donald Trump’s administration. When he was running the business in the White House, many big and small scandals were already known. But probably more than that.

There are many unanswered questions from the Ukrainian affair and other mysterious events of the Trump era that remain unanswered. These questions have not been cleared so far because the Trump administration has refused to provide information or because Republicans in the Senate have so far prevented a close investigation with their majority.

Now the new president who has moved to the White House, Democrats around Biden, control the House of Representatives and the Senate – and it should be expected that the public will learn more about unknown events before the Trump era.

Both the Congress Minister and the Department of Justice, led by future minister Myrick Garland, have the power to interrogate witnesses and consult files and the ability to investigate cases more closely. This can be not only about re-enactment in the sense of democratic transparency, but also about the detection of potential criminal offenses.

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