Useless fight between two Scottish independence parties

Useless fight between two Scottish independence parties

Prior to Nicholas Sturgeon, Alex Salmond ruled in Edinburgh. By 2014 she a Guru ji Scottish National Party (Snp) and hence Scottish Politics. Then, after a narrow defeat in the independence referendum, she passes through the scepter and returns to the English Parliament in Westminster, before being swept away by allegations of sexual harassment three years earlier.

Salmond was acquitted, but there were improvements inside the building in the scandal: the politician sued the Scottish government and received a compensation of half a million pounds. Even before a parliamentary committee, Sturgeon had to defend himself for six hours. He was to answer for the violation of the “Ministerial Code” in the way his cabinet handled the case. He may not have pressured the investigation, but the opposition alleged that he was not impartial.

You can read the political reasons behind both behaviors: Sturgeon would have tried to eliminate the overwhelming and inconvenient predecessor, now also sticking to the electoral level (in 2017 he failed to reestablish the House of Commons) and Putin With sympathy Display At the broadcaster close to the Kremlin Russia Today; While Salmond wants to return as a hero to seek judicial revenge. A rehabilitation, however, is only virtual. A toxic character emerged from the trial, according to the election, he was successful in the “miracle” of building a low consensus among fellow citizens. A darker British premiere like Boris Johnson.

Despite the quarrel at the top of separatism, the former leader sells the operation as a cause. Holyrod’s electoral system (the seat of the Scottish Parliament) is, in fact, a proportional component, parallel to the Uninominal, making it difficult to reach an absolute majority. In twenty years, the only one that has been successful, in 2011, is Salmond. His new party – called the Alba Party – was born with the aim of maximizing the seats of separatists, only to present candidates in regional lists.

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“Nearly a million priorities in the SNP were wasted in previous elections,” Salmond said during a lengthy live social media broadcast. The Alba is a self-invitation to the party coalition, a strategic vote proposal not agreed with allies. In fact, on his official channels he has already declined a separate vote in consultation with the campaign on 6 May #BothVotesSNP.

Fracture risk weakens the autonomy zone. Perhaps Salmond will bring in the dowry of additional seats in Parliament, but this may undermine the unity of the executive in the long run. The open rivalry between Sturgeon and Salmond is known, which is a concern for him. The first promised a new referendum, but proceeded with caution, to remain within the framework of legitimacy; The second eyelid on the impatience of nationalist populism.

“Salmond’s return to active politics symbolizes collapse, not renewal.” Editorial of Guardian Marks the lineage (again) in the region asPolitics of revenge“. The vengeance (imaginary) point is when to consume it. In elections, the SNP sits at a general referendum percentage at 49%. The constraint limit is 6%. If the Alba party fails to overcome it, it can steal votes from the snipe warship, without compensating with the patrol party of the ally (presumably) in court. At the time, Salmond may have broken the firepower of the separatists in negotiations from within London.

Come Written in march financial Times, “Sturgeon has credited his old mentor and predecessor for launching him into his career. This time, the challenge is to prevent him from being destroyed». At that time there was talk of succession at the top of the Scottish National Party, but These lines were never so relevant.

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