Vaccination is already mandatory in these countries

Vaccination is already mandatory in these countries


In April, Italy became the first EU country to introduce compulsory vaccination for medical healthcare workers. One of these for teachers is currently the subject of heated public debate. While right-wing populists from the Lega Nord and Fratelli d’Italia parties are against it, Prime Minister Mario Draghi described their criticism as a “call to die”.

Although there is no mandatory vaccination, many hundreds to thousands of guests with many hundreds to thousands of guests will be required to carry a “green pass” with them from August to access restaurants and bars, cinemas, museums, concerts, theaters or major events.


French President Emmanuel Macron recently announced that everyone working in health care and nursing should be vaccinated. Because the willingness to vaccinate the 1.5 million French people affected is only 55 percent, according to surveys, mandatory vaccinations will be randomly checked by authorities from 15 September – those who refuse should no longer receive pay and be temporarily may be suspended.

Great Britain

Mandatory vaccination for nurses in English retirement homes has already been passed by Parliament. This should come into effect from October, when all nursing staff will have to get two vaccines. Those who refuse should be offered an alternative job by the employer. There are currently no plans to introduce compulsory vaccination in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Health policy in the Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is governed by the respective regions autonomously.

However, from September onwards, nightclubs and major events should only be allowed with proof of two vaccinations.

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