Venice 2022: Days of Venice beginning with Mark Cousins’ March in Rome

Venice 2022: Days of Venice beginning with Mark Cousins' March in Rome

The opening of the 19th edition of Mark Cousins ​​Days with March on Rome and Love Between Two “Fallen Angels” in Lebanon: Venice Days Open with One Eye to the Mediterranean.

Inauguration of the 19th edition of writers dayindependent section of Venice 2022has been assigned to march on rome Who Takes Us to Beirut by Marc Cousins ​​and French-Lebanese director Wissam Charf. A love story between two “fallen angels” (in the director’s words). Dirty Difficult Dangerous, the director’s second feature and the opening film of the competition in Days Calendar, is a melodrama (with a touch of comedy) in which two expatriates meet in today’s Beirut and find the only potential force in their union.

Ahmed is a Syrian refugee, Mehdia is an Ethiopian immigrant. They live a secret love made up of secret kisses in the streets of the Lebanese capital. Like many stories among migrants – in our times of uncertainty – this is a story without a future amid racial discrimination and the continuing hardships suggested by the title.

“The Most Recent History of Lebanon”Days artistic director Gaia Furr says, “of a society that is deeply affected by misery. Dirty Difficult tells the drama of dangerous discrimination – which are also intrinsic to the same migrant communities that inhabit the country – with the right distance of lightness and poetry. Wissam Charaf the Great manages to represent social drama with the irony and tenderness worthy of great masters. Starting with this film is meant to open the way for us to a selection of moods composed of film genres that – by mixing – represent nuances of emotion able to reach out and reach the point of spreading urgent messages”, Appointment is at Sala Perla at 4.15 PM.

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The second city is Rome. Another story, which began a hundred years earlier with the March on Rome, the event that changed the politics and fortunes of Italy. The one who traces the events of that day in October 1922 is Mark Cousins ​​who, through the assembly of the precious collection material, provides us with a reading of the rise of fascism in Europe in relation to its success today. The film also stars Alba Rohrwacher.

Mark Cousins: “Nothing Against Streaming, But I Won’t Make Movies For The Platform”

The March on Rome is an essay film and historical document by Mark Cousins, Irish-Scottish director and writer, author of documentaries on the great masters of cinema, from Ujjain to Wales, who worked in Iraq, during the siege of Sarajevo, in Iran, Mexico, Asia, America and Europe. Cousins ​​refers to the story looking at the contemporary world and depicting a political landscape today characterized by great popularity by the far-right.

“I grew up in Northern Ireland in the 1970s, our prime years”Mark Cousins ​​says, “Political and sectarian turmoil. It was a period of low-intensity warfare—renamed The Troubles—and also a time when the British government was far-right to crack down on the civil rights movement.” Had conducted underground operations with paramilitary forces. Therefore, the loss has always been a part of my life.” The March on Rome, presented as a special event, opens the programming day at 11.30 in the Sala Perla.


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