Venice Film Festival, schedule for August 31: Starting with Baumbach and De Paolis | Cinema

 Venice Film Festival, schedule for August 31: Starting with Baumbach and De Paolis |  Cinema

Here we are: Venice Film Festival 2022 is in the opening block, and this opening day of the 79th Cinema Exhibition we on are ready to keep you updated with all the news, reviews and video reviews from Lido. In this regard, we remind you that to view our reviews and video reviews you need to subscribe: it’s only 9.99 euros for one year (or 6.99 euros for six months), and you get all the podcasts including will allow access to specific content.

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At 22:00 on our Twitch channel we’ll be talking live about the movies we’ve seen during the day, commenting on them with our followers and also talking about our meetings with writers here in Venice. follow us,

Contest begins with Noise White, Horizons with Princess

Noah Baumbach’s White Noise opens the 79th edition of the Venice Film Festival: directors and actors will walk the red carpet in front of the Sala Grande before a screening by invitation, to be held at 19:00 (the same now at the Palabiennale and then Will also be displayed at 10:30 pm). The film will hit Netflix later this fall.

The Horizon segment, on the other hand, opens with The Princess by Roberto De Paolis, with whom we spoke about the film on Twitch a few days ago:

writers day

The 19th edition of Days begins at 11.30 in the Perla Room, with march on rome by Mark Cousins ​​(and a Q&A). Also the official screening takes place at 4.15 pm in the Perla Room. dirty hard dangerous The opening film of the competition, by Wissam Charf (and a Q&A).

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dirty hard dangerousThe second work by the director and the opening film of the competition in Days Calendar, is a melodrama (with a touch of comedy) in which two expatriates meet in today’s Beirut and find the only potential force in their union.

Ahmed is a Syrian refugee, Mehdia is an Ethiopian immigrant. They live a secret love made up of secret kisses in the streets of the Lebanese capital. Like many stories among migrants – in our times of uncertainty – this is a story without a future amid racial discrimination and the continuing hardships suggested by the title.

The second city is Rome. A completely different story, which began just a hundred years ago march on rome, the event that changed the politics and fortunes of Italy. To review the events of that day in October 1922 mark cousin Which, through a combination of valuable collection material, gives us a reading of the rise of fascism in Europe in relation to the success of the present-day authority. Including the participation in the film alba rohrwacher,

march on rome Mark Cousins, Irish-Scottish director and writer, author of documentaries on the great masters of cinema, from Ujtzen to Veles, who worked in Sarajevo in Iraq, during the sieges in Iran, Mexico, is an essay film and a historical document . , Asia, America and Europe. Cousins ​​refers to the story looking at the contemporary world and depicting a political landscape today characterized by great popularity by the far-right.

Will also be presented on the opening day of the exhibition “Long Wave. The Extraordinary History of a Union”produced by ANAC In collaboration with Giornate degli Autori and Isola Edipo. The exhibition, which traces 70 years of ANAC activity, will be presented at the press conference on Wednesday 31 August at 15.00 in the Italian Pavilion – Hotel Excelsior, and will be open from 11.00 on 1 September until 9 September. Sala Laguna, 1, Lido of Venice, in Via Pietro Buratti.

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