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Cousin’s movie arrives 100 years later and Reese is reinstated

(ANSA) — Rome, August 19 — The impending centenary certainly helps, but it’s strange nonetheless that the theme of the March on Rome is repeated twice on the billboards of the next film festival. Exactly on 31 August opening day, the Giornate degli Autori Parallel segment schedule features a special out-of-competition location for MARCIA SU ROMA, the new documentary film from acclaimed Scottish director Mark Cousins; But in the following days the Venezia Classics program announced the return of Dino Risi’s film LA MARCIA SU ROMA to the centenary of its interpreters Vittorio Gasman and Ugo Tognazzi, and 60 years after the release of a controversial piece of Italian comedy.

Cousin’s work – in theaters from October 27 – travels on a double register of ambitions: on the one hand, he separates frame by frame the key scenes of the little-known regime film “A Noi” directed by Umberto Paradisi in 1923. Celebrate the “revolution. Fascist” born in reality amidst a thousand ambiguities and uncertainties; On the other hand he travels into the present in search of traces of a fascist memory which in any case is part of the collective unconscious and the memory of the nation. The glue between the two poles of the story is the figure of a worker of the time (Alba Rohrwacher), who notes in his diary the growing disenchantment for the first strong man, leading up to the drama of defeat and then defeat.

Risi’s film, on the other hand, takes the audience to the center of the historical event, reconstructed as a comedy through the pictorial deeds of two unlikely “heroes” of the first hour: the Milanese lover Domenico Rochetti, who sees the new Engaging in power politics as a way to earn two bucks and gain glory, on the road to Rome engaged with former fellow soldier Umberto Gavazza, who believes in Mussolini’s promises that he should be saved every day in the face of dwindling faith. The mantra should be recited together. , On the road that will lead them from the Po farmhouse to the Roman outskirts, the two go on to meet the most diverse adventures: they will experience the fear of being arrested by the soldiers of the imperial government, the rain that dampens the enthusiasm, the new Sudden awareness of the cruelty of “liberators”. (handle).

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