Violates lockdown, goes home with family: Scottish government health adviser resigns

Violates lockdown, goes home with family: Scottish government health adviser resigns

Twice he has defied the instructions he himself gave to Scottish citizens. Eventually, Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon had to accept his resignation after several attempts to allow him to remain in the Health Emergency Task Force. Scottish Government Health Advisor for Coronovirus, Drs. Catherine Calderwood, will no longer attend press points with the Prime Minister and will no longer be the face of public information campaigns to prevent infection.

Lookout violation

Outrage over civilians and opposition parties after Scottish version of British tabloid Sun Have published some pictures of the Doctor visiting Ellie and Earlsfree, a town on the North Sea more than an hour from Edinburgh, where Calderwood usually resides. In the Fife region, among the ancestors of Scotland’s northern coast, is the Doctor’s second home: last weekend she joined him with the entire family from the capital.

In fact, Calderwood has ignored the same provisions that he used to divide himself among all media, to avoid unnecessary media. After the first outcry of public opinion, it was revealed that this was the second time that a government advisor had broken the rules to access his holiday home during lockdown.

Try to place

“I have not followed the advice given to others – Calderwood said in the general press point on Sunday 5 April – and I apologize for that”. In the morning he received an official call from the Scottish Police. Despite this, Prime Minister Sturgeon tried to defend the doctor throughout the day, declaring that “everyone, including me, will make mistakes in the unprecedented period we are experiencing.”

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Various attempts to make citizens advisors, however, did not help. In the evening, with pressure from the opposition, Calderwood had to resign, even though Sturgeon spent the entire day emphasizing how “precious” the doctor’s experience was in dealing with the epidemic.

Yesterday at 10 pm on 5 April, the final confirmation arrived: “I announced my resignation from the role of health advisor to the government, Caldwood said – I am deeply sorry for my actions and mistakes. I agree with the Prime Minister I believe that my behavior can distract the government and doctors from their jobs. Working so hard to deal with the epidemic is the last thing I want. ‘

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