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Referendum on the independence of Scotland, to be voted in 2023

new one referendum for the independence of scotland It was proposed by Nicola Sturgeon, the first Scottish minister to introduce a bill indicating the date. October 19, 2023, This is not the first time that Scots have voted for independence, the first with the victory of the Unionist Front in 2014. It would be a consultative referendum, prompting both the London and Edinburgh governments to legislate on the matter. In fact, it is not possible for the Scottish government to change the constitution, a right that belongs only to the London government, but if the referendum for the independence of Scotland is won yes, then both governments must make laws on the matter. .

According to Sturgeon, this would be different from the 2014 vote, called by the London government, which was triggered by major political fractures. BrexitVoted in a majority by the British and Welsh, but in a minority by the Scots and Northern Irish. On that occasion, in fact, 62% of Scots were against the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union.

Scotland is against the independence referendum, Boris Johnson

already after referendum for the independence of scotland Held in 2014, Boris Johnson stated that he was against any further vote to that effect for at least 40 years. He called the vote “generational” and said he would not accept a new referendum, hence Nicola Sturgeon’s decision to introduce a bill that would force the British Constitutional Court to legislate on the matter.

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On the strength of his recent political success, the Prime Minister believes that this is the right time”decide the future of our country“. Furthermore, the prime minister is also sure of his victory because 62% of Scots said they were against Brexit and the fact that the first referendum failed for only 5% of the vote (there were 55% of the voters) . living in the UK) Johnson, for his part, on referendum issues independence of scotlandsaid she still doesn’t think it’s time to talk about it, but the government will carefully analyze the proposal, while Sturgeon said she was ready for alegal action If it is thwarted by the Government of London.

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