“We are entering the deadliest phase of this epidemic,” Berks wrote in a White House memo.

Dr .. Deborah L. Birks, who has carefully drawn the line between science and politics as it leads to the Trump administration’s coronavirus response, issued a stern private warning Monday, telling White House officials that the epidemic was entering a new and “fatal phase.” . ”Which demands a more aggressive approach.

Warning – White House officials are sent in private memos on a daily basis across the country The coronavirus caseload has broken records and reached 100,000 – A direct contradiction of President Trump’s repeated false statements that the epidemic is “round the corner”. In it, Dr. Berks suggested that Mr. Trump and his advisers spend too much time focusing on lockdowns, and not enough to control the virus.

“We are entering the most important and deadliest phase of this epidemic,” said Dr. “It’s not about a lockdown – it’s not about a lockdown from March or April. It’s about an aggressive balancing approach that is not being implemented,” Birks wrote.

The report warns against the kind of rallies Mr. Trump is holding. It also predicted that the United States would continue to see days when the number of new cases exceeded 100,000. Its existence was previously reported by the Washington Post; A senior White House official who has seen it confirmed the allegations

The whole message came as a surprise to Dr. Burks, who at least publicly resisted disagreeing with Mr. Trump. But cases are on the rise across the country, and hospital intensive care units are filling up, with government scientists and public health experts worrying that the worst of the epidemic remains.

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The government’s top infectious disease specialist, Dr. Anthony S. Faucy, too, is unusually offering balm assessments, and the result is once again in Mr. Trump’s cross hair. At a campaign rally in Miami early Monday morning, Mr. Trump attacked the news media for his emphasis on the virus, shouting to the crowd to chant, “Fire Foki! Agni Fauki! ”

The president responded: “Don’t tell anyone, but wait a minute after the election. I appreciate the advice. “What the president has neglected to note is that Dr. Fawcett has a civil service defense and it will be very difficult for Mr. Trump to remove him.

Unlike Dr. Fawcett, who has repeatedly clashed with the White House, Dr. Birks has taken a more measured approach, taking care never to publicly criticize the president or his administration.

Was named Dr. Birks Coronavirus Response Coordinator in March. In this job, she has been able to manage the work of the White House Coronavirus Task Force, find and architect efforts to end the government’s wrath. In the early days of the epidemic, she predicted a calm, authoritative presence – and constant representation. Mr. Trump’s mixed messages.

Recently, however, she was introduced to Dr. Trump’s new epidemiological adviser. Scott W. Eclipsed by Atlas, which advocates allowing the virus to spread naturally among young people, while the government focuses its efforts on protecting the elderly and vulnerable people. Many health experts say such a strategy would lead to unnecessary death and suffering.


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