“We are thinking what to do”

Variants of Kovid scare Lombardi. In days after the apparently calm, in Milan and in other Lombard capitals, vigilance is highest due to the presence of coronovirus mutations, which may account for the increased – now least – infection and hospitalization. For the number.

The officially recognized variants at the moment are Brazilian, South African and English, but on Tuesday afternoon the region’s advisor for the vaccination campaign, Guido Bertolso, spoke of a new version “Scottish”.

Speaking in a Eurocommonikasian webinar organized by the Association for “Reconstruction” – entitled “The example of Israel in the Anti-Covid Immunization Scheme” – the former number one in civil security admitted that in two municipalities in the province of Varese, two suspected patients were identified. “Two cases of the ‘variant of the English version’, already baptized the Scottish version”, words from Bertoloso.

“At this point – he continued – it seems that we have a variant of the variants. An English version has changed and it seems that we have the Scottish version, which is in a pair of municipalities in the province of Heir “We were wondering what to do – he concluded – and what to do.”

Precisely because of the bunches of infection caused by the variants, on Tuesday evening, President of the Lombardy region Attilio Fontana signed an ordinance that establishes the red zone for 4 municipalities: Boleta, Vigeto, Castretato and Mede. In 4 countries, to prevent the spread of cases accurately, the heaviest restrictions and restrictions will come into force from 6 pm on Wednesday 17 February, with no obligation to leave homes and shut down schools, shops and locals.

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