Weather: Snowfall on the way | the energy situation is dire

 Weather: Snowfall on the way |  the energy situation is dire

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After the short sleeves and lightweight jackets have been stored away, the decidedly less cheeky garments peek out from the closet doors. Make way for coats, jackets, hats, scarves and all the seasonal stuff.

Cold weather across Europe (Photo Pontillenews)

Though of late, the cold weather has made its presence felt.

December in Italy

The last month of the year immediately turned into trouble. Carpet rain, also intense in the south. The last days of November marked our country with tragic floods on the island of Ischia, In which 12 people died.

The long immaculate concept opened with a flurry that promised snow even at low altitudes. And while this will please winter sports enthusiasts and tour operators, it certainly causes some concern for those who view the situation from a somewhat broader perspective. The energy crisis makes winter weather quite complicated. There are many questions about whether energy stores and supplies will be able to keep us warm until spring arrives. Consumer concerns run strong, forced to decide between cold and wallet, Due to the international political situation and its consequences, the end consumer bears the full brunt of rising energy prices.

Will we be able to stay warm this winter? (photo pexels-mikhail-nilov)

The weather condition will not be very good even till the mid week of December. In fact, cold air is expected to come from the Arctic regions, which will bring cold in the north and heavy rain in the central regions of our peninsula.

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But let’s try to take a look at the situation in other European countries as well.

rest of europe

Our transalpine cousins ​​are experiencing a much more complicated situation of our present. Heavy rain and extremely cold temperatures in recent days have left streets around Paris covered in snow. The traffic came to a complete standstill. Also, the forecast for the next few days is not reassuring at all, we are talking about 4/5 degrees below the average for this period. The situation is so alarming that the government has drawn up an emergency plan in an effort to avoid potential power blackouts.

Same situation in the whole channel, Where freezing temperatures are expected in Scotland, which are below average due to arctic disturbances. The “Caliente” country par excellence, forecasts are no better for Spain. There is no snow for the Spaniards, who on the other hand will be the target of a series of storms coming from the Atlantic Ocean with heavy rains across the country.


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