What if Brexit had another explanation, for example imperialist

What if Brexit had another explanation, for example imperialist

To this day we have thought of the reasons why the British government pushed the country out of the European Union, even calling on the people for a referendum, which was of 2016, declaring that the people wanted it.

The results of popular consultations based on “leave” and “stay” in the EU proved the government to be right, but in such a small percentage, 51.8% against 48.1% that the question of exit has since been painfully dragged on. Gaya and even today it seems far from being decided.

Whatever reason given by those pushing for the holiday was above all economic: by gaining the freedom to be able to trade without union rules, the British who favor seceding from the continent are convinced that they Can restore breath to an economy that has been running out of steam in previous years. It would require the entire space of the web to enter into the merits of this discussion, especially today that some scholars on the subject of Brexit are beginning to argue that the real reason for this decision to return to the Albion island’s total autonomy is simply an imperialist political one. Nature. Internal.

The independence pressures from Scotland and Catholic Northern Ireland have worried England, which has always controlled these countries. Wells has so far fully complied with the wishes of the British but that does not mean that it can always be so. And so, in the face of these challenges, the British idea is to break away from Europe – which has historically never cared for anything – again and focus on trying to keep those people under control in the United States. are part of the Kingdom, taking them out of place and breathing to keep a side with Europe. It is no coincidence that we have often written that the most serious haters of Brexit were Scotland and Ireland along with the border issue. A kind of “geopolitical excess omnia,” says Dario Fabry of Limes magazine, who explains the new vision of Brexit very well in the video below.

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