What is the “Balmoral Test” for Queen Elizabeth’s Guests?

What is the

No.Not all have been successful. Even Margaret Thatcher, the Iron Lady, was intimidated by the informal habits of royals in Scotland, And Cheri Blair, wife of Prime Minister Tony, could not stand the constant scrutiny of the royals. both failed miserably balmoral test, i.e set of tests prepared by queen elizabeth To determine whether, during the weekend, guests are able to adapt to her Scottish routine.

Kate Middleton, a trip to Scotland, sparked her maternal instincts.  and William

Initiation Ceremony for Queen Elizabeth’s Guests

At Balmoral we go beyond simple royal protocol. The test includes the rules, Family traditions, private jokes and coded messages Which is not written anywhere but every royal knows from inside. No guests can prepare in advance and as a result, after arriving at Balmoral, they often find themselves unprepared and somewhat intimidated.

Sovereign at Balmoral’s Gate, August 2021 (IPA)

Campaigning is Everything for Queen Elizabeth

The problems begin with what kind of dress to wear with each meal, for the walks and the famous Balmoral picnic. That’s because more than a palace, it’s a place where The queen rests and dresses comfortably, Ample occasion dresses, royal jewelry and elegant hats: the wardrobes of his Scottish apartment are filled with oft-modified jackets and old and worn-out shoes that he never wanted to throw away. And guests should know how to customize.

Elizabeth and Philip at their Scottish residence, August 2005 (WireImage)

There is also a protocol for hunting matches.

For example, it is necessary to know which one to prioritize in order of importance of participants that have nothing to do with it. royal hierarchy And instead look to the best hunters. In any case, the instructions of Gili, Scottish gamekeeper, who can even scold the queen herself in the woods and on the shores of the property’s picturesque lakes.

What is Queen Elizabeth’s chair?

In the evening, in the living room after dinner, never refuse to attend the parlor games that the royals, including the Queen, enjoy so much. ahead, better not to make a mistake And before sitting on any chair or chair, ask to avoid occupying a place reserved for years for the sovereign or his son Carlo. The fact that they are all also quite old and not without help doesn’t help: this may be the least royal chair of all that the sovereign prefers.

Who has successfully passed the Balmoral test?

A few months before her wedding with Carlo, Lady Diana passed the test without any problems. The prince was of little help to her but he did his research first, asking for information from all who were already guests of the Scottish estate.

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Charles and Diana on the grounds of Balmoral Castle, May 1981 (Getty Images)

but it was even more successful Kate Middleton, who gained Philippe sympathy two years before marrying William in 2009 Prove to specialize in fishing for Trout and Salmon in the estate’s streams. The prince immediately invites her to return with the rest of the Middleton clan for hunting.

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