What is the future of Boris Johnson?

British Prime Minister’s popularity remains at an all-time low despite a vote of confidence on “Partygate”.

Scandal partygate it can be expensive Boris Johnson. Scotland Yard signs and fines the British prime minister as the main person responsible for alcohol-based parties and meetings in the seat of government, just as the population was forced to call off quarantine for COVID-19 .

There are allegations against 16 parties – between April 2020 and May 2021 – for which 126 fines have been issued between MPs and guests. afterwards, Many conservatives have begun to distance themselves from the premiere For not imbibing in practices that are not only illegal, but immoral and irresponsible in the eyes of national and international public opinion. figure of boris johnson, already weakened by economic stagnation and rising cost of living faced by the country, has been further weakened. until you get to internal vote of confidence: As the audience of Scottish Labor and Scottish nationalists, the test has been passed and the government, for now, stands.

However, it is a victory that marks the boundaries of wife, as the premiere is remembered at home. In fact, the balance of the June 6 confidence vote is not spectacular: 148 Tories were ready to disappoint the premiere However, this was confirmed by the 211 conservatives who supported him. The quorum for the confidence was 180 votes and the ballot within the party, we remember, was secret.

Even then boris johnson Took advantage of the narrow escape: in the heat of the vote he made sure “nothing and no one“Will remove him from office and the achievement of his political program and he will now”The government can go ahead and focus on the things that are really important to the citizens, The press and opposition are waiting to hear what really important “things” will be at this point.

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labor leader, Keer starrerTook advantage of this moment to reiterate the shortcomings of the government which is not addressing important issues: “Pretending not to break the rules (during the lockdown) didn’t work; Pretending that the economy is growing doesn’t work; to make a fool of – he insisted – that forty new hospitals will be built, will not work“. On the same wavelength, but even more stringent is parliamentary angela eagle,Events of this week – They said – He has shown how much he hates this prime minister, and only in his own party.,

The main focus will now be for Johnson Gain Stability and Leadership: He will be able to do so in the eyes of the opposition and public opinion, including international ones, only if he is able to pacify the disgruntled constituents of his party. After a series of assurances about his future as prime minister, he turned to promises: a series of reforms that, to this day, have been the weak points of his government. national health system (NHS), taxes and cost of living, increase in crime and subsidies and concessions buying a house mortgage e. About public housing, Johnson has long been pressured by the Tories on these issues, but it now appears that the time has come to not delay, even if a concrete plan is not presented.

Whatever his near future, however, passing a vote of confidence could mean Johnson It cannot be subjected to the same procedure for a year. This, in fact, is the current rule, but it is not excluded that the “escaped” Tories do not press to change the current circumstances. After all, partygate issue is not completely over: Probe on To verify that Johnson did not deceive Parliament In relation to the disputed violation on the Downing Street Quarantine. It would hardly survive even a perjury.

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Although I have overcome the impasse of disbelief, it is clear: wife staggers Historically, rebellions against prime ministers such as Margaret Thatcher, Theresa May, and John Major remind us that the political career of a head of state is short-lived, with the belief that it accounts for barely more than half of his party. The first two resigned soon after the resolution was passed and the third suffered a massive defeat in the next round of elections.

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