What makes Maximilian Weisman so successful

What makes Maximilian Weisman so successful

an Max Weisman has not lacked recognition recently. The way he trimmed the North Hessian heating and air conditioning company Weisman to succeed his father Martin for digitization, sustainability and steady growth was well received. He has been driving it alone since Monday and his father is retiring. It was a privilege for this family business more than 100 years old, it was said throughout. And, what’s more: a thought leader in the European corporate landscape. Viewed this way, the young CEO, born in 1989, recently adapted his platform to his reputation: there he was at the climate conference in Glasgow to present his company’s plans on the road to climate neutrality.

He says that by 2030, there should be a 75 percent reduction in own emissions compared to 2005. A German medium-sized company at the meeting point of international politics and business – leading the way for Max Weisman. And that doesn’t mean traveling from Allendorf an der Ader, the Wesmans’ headquarters, to the Scottish metropolis.

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