Where to travel to Scotland this summer without breaking the bank

Where to travel to Scotland this summer without breaking the bank

One of the destinations of this time is Scotland and its islands. This European country attracts many people, who come here to be fascinated by the mystical and Nordic atmosphere. Also thanks to the success of the Harry Potter movies, which were shot here, thousands of Italians come to see it every year.

Thanks to convenient and cheap connections, Scotland is an excellent destination for Italians, who often spend a few days there in the summer.
A feature of this area is that it is quite expensive. It’s really not impossible if we know how to take a cheap vacation. Which is why we can follow these simple tips for traveling to Scotland this summer at no cost.

A field that makes anyone fall in love with it

Scotland is a country that is part of the United Kingdom and enjoys a certain political autonomy. Thanks to its unspoiled landscape, picturesque mountains and unique culture, it is a popular tourist destination for millions of tourists every year. do we want to spend a few days in silence hilly terrainFor those who prefer to travel to main cities like Edinburgh and Inverness, we should know that this is not a low-cost destination.
Due to currency exchange and high prices, renting a room around here can be very expensive. With less than 50 euros per night, it is practically impossible to find accommodation even in less touristy areas. For this reason, many people give up traveling and choose other affordable and accessible destinations.

In fact, if we are prepared to organize and customize the trip, we can spend a week in Scotland for just over 100 euros.

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To get around Scotland without spending any money this summer, all you need to know is these simple tricks

The whole country is dotted with many fully equipped and very comfortable campsites. Often they are also located in incredible places with a special panoramic view.
All we have to do is organize a trip in a tent and we will also spend £10 per person per night. Most of these facilities are very comfortable and offer access to electricity and hot water.

If we want to save on car fare as well then we can think of using trains. The region has a dense railway network that originates from the main cities. Thanks to Interrail Tickets, we will be able to buy season tickets which allow us to save tens of pounds on the cost of tickets. Or we can use public transport, for example buses, which are very efficient and cheap.


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